Mock Cover for ‘Wyntress Nyght’

The mock cover is done for my new Dark Satire, Paranormal. Hopefully I will find her a home soon. (Just started looking—so fingers crossed!) I loved the cover so much. I went ahead and made a desktop wallpaper out of it.

ExesandHexes Wyntress Nyght




Wyntress Nyght’s Supernatural Crack : Exes & Hexes



"Good evening my delicious little darklings of darkness. Wyntress Nyght here, serving up your forbidden dose of supernatural crack. So hook up your IV’s, roll up the psychic and toke her, or offer up your shot glass for some ecotplasmic delight. For I have the phantasmal kick you have all been jonzing for. No DT’s here my darklings, only the monster of all dragons for you to chase… me! Now, for those readers who are new to my witch-board of communications, allow me too sinfully boast a little about the place I haunt. It’s the Other World, the Underworld, or a label I am rather fond of and prefer, Hell."


*Gasps* Did she say Hell?

That she did, so flip a page and you’ll realize what a hilarious but darkly adventurous thrill ride Hell can be. And who knew it would have all started with an ex-Fanger and the kidnapping of his new coffin screamer. Toss in a lusty Were, a mischievous Zombie, a Dominion of Chaos, some too-damn-sexy Demons, a mysterious malicious and hidden plot, plus whatever other zany characters of Hell pop up, and we have the makings as to why there’s never a boring moment in the death of Wyntress Nyght!

Now, grab a dry pair of knickers just in case yours get moist from laughing, and open the book already. Wyntress hates to be left waiting by the grave!

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