Enslaved by an Incubus

You are welcome my lover,

Dark Master and tormentor,

You satisfy my body,

But will destroy my mind.

I have missed you these last evenings,

Though all sense speaks against you,

I am tainted by your poison.

I can feel you in my blood.

With the darkness like a death shroud,

That grants no final sleep,

A whispered breath across my skin,

Sends a shiver running down my spine.

You are within me and around me,

Possessing me completely,

I am too weak to resist you,

Bound to serve your every whim.

Mist condensed to manhood,

What was cold, now hot with blood,

You feed upon my life force,

In return you give your love.

A relentless addiction,

I cannot give you up.

Fiery through my senses,

Thrusts that make me gasp.

Long nights of twisted passion,

When I barely stay alive,

Your form so often changing,

Through the hours of the night.

Hallucinogenic spiralling,

Drowning me with light,

Dizzy constant tumbling,

Sweet kisses taste of pain,

Bloodstains on my body,

As I pray you’ll come again.

You give me pain and pleasure,

Until I cannot tell between them,

Smouldering at your touches,

Bitten deep and to the core.

I tremble at your mercy,

Begging for your favours,

Mad for want of sweet release,

Master, this slave is yours.

I might curse you for this torture,

And mourn over my weakness,

But as soon as you have left me,

I will long for your return,

My monster and my madness,

My fate and sweet corruption,

You have seduced my mind and body,

I am dying for your love.

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