Announcements: What’s coming in December for our Readers!

I decided that on the 1st of every month, I’d do an announcement of what’s coming in December for The Pagan & the Pen Readers. Now I can’t possibly list everything that we will have in December since much of what we do is spur of the moment type stuff…but if its already planned, well I will be sure to scream about it here.

December Themes!!!!!!!


Bryn Colvin suggested a theme for this month so that we wouldn’t be predictable with the usual cheer and Christmas whatever…

So the theme for this month is….

A Paranormal December!

We will still have various information and articles concerning Yule, and whatever else our Authors decide to announce or post, but some of our fabulous Pagans wielding a Pen will be posting things on the Paranormal–whether it be their own personal experiences, or information pertaining to the field and phenomena itself!

Don’t forget to grab your

Free Christmas Calendar for the Kids!


Win a Free Copy of Bound by Blood: The Awakening by C.H. Scarlett

Remember all Book reviews will be posted on the 20th of each month. We also have new reviewers too.

Erin Sinclair kicked off her Dear Spirit this past week so go check out the Dear Spirit page, grab her email, and send her a couple of questions.

If you have sent questions and are uncertain if she got them, then shout out at me.

She was having troubles with email when we launched it, grabbed her a new email, and away she went.

Again…this is FREE! You’re not going to send questions and then get some email saying, oh, by the way, give me a gazillion dollars for your reading lol. No, we don’t work that way here. If your questions are picked and answered, if you are thrilled, if you want to do something for Erin, then check out her books. Believe me, to a writer that’s the best thing in the world.


We also launched out very first Pagan Artist of the Month

Pagan Artist of the Month

Well that’s it for now…I THINK. As I said, anymore surprises we think of, will be posted on the spur of a moment!

Below, the following pages have been updated.

About Us

Our Authors

Books & Trailers

We also have our very own Video showing off some of our Authors:

Our Authors

You can find it on that page.

Some new things to our blog—

Dear Spirit

Pagan Months, Days, & Holidays

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