New 5 Star Review for Bound by Blood: The Awakening

Today Jesse Fox emailed me saying, “Have you seen this yet?” Nope, I haven’t. Having a crazy day already, I clicked the link, crossed my toes, shut my eyes, and held my breath. Good or bad, this was a surprise. As for how I feel…just can’t find the words. I just know that it made my century. So thanks Jesse for giving me a shout and to Amy for a well thought out review!



C.H Scarlett has portrayed an impeccably flawless and exceptionally intricate work of fiction. The plot, characterizations and world building is brilliantly prepared and thought-out. While reading this story, BOUND by BLOOD, I experienced the intense, overpowering, passion hidden within its pages and even sensing the author’s zealous desire for her talent of writing. The penetrating attractions between the characters were overwhelmingly heartfelt. I will be looking forward to reading further books by C.H. Scarlett and will positively be recommending this story to any reader  who is interested in Paranormal, Fantasy and Erotic Fiction genres.

5 Stars


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My Goddess

When the pain takes me

And wracks my body

I will reach through

And beyond.

I am not ruled by suffering.

It is merely a door,

A way of transcending,

Opening me,

To be filled.

I welcome the fear,

Hard knot in my chest,

Heartbroken and unable

To bear more.

Still I revel in this chaos,

My unravelling mind

And ravaged body

Show me the way

To your embrace.

Beyond the terror

And the distress

Lies tranquillity,

Harrowed, I may reach

That place of peace.