Tonight I go hunting,

And my bite will be lethal.

A whisper in the night air,

Rustle of feathers, too quiet, too late.

A rush, dive, strike and then,

I will make my catch,

And secure my prey.


Struggle if you will, fight me,

But with the pulse of life,

Firm in my grip, you must know,

I will not hesitate to taste,

And consume my victim.


Will you tremble,

As I hold you captive?

Will you resist,

Or succumb to my will?

Will you satisfy the cravings,

Of this predator?

Appease it with flesh,

Calm it, tame it,

And pass beyond the hunted,

Into a new chase?

Would you go that far for me?


Guard your warm blood and soft skin.

I hunger, I thirst, I hunt.

My needs will be met,

In the closeness of pursuit,

Heart pounding, limbs shuddering.


This will be a night to remember.