Announcements: Changes Concerning Review Requests

Just letting everyone know a few changes we have made.


We have a new email address for those wanting a review. Please see Request A Review for the new addy. Yep, Yahell just wasn’t cutting it.

While we are still reviewing Fiction only—we have also opened up our doors to Poetry as well. One of our Part-time Reviewers Brew-Hilda has admitted her infatuation for the struggling path of the poet. She wants us to warn you however, she is and can be a tough critic.  But since she has a great love for this art, and realizes that it is very difficult for a poet to be noticed, then she is willing to help.

Win a Free Copy of Bound by Blood: The Awakening by C.H. Scarlett

BBB new cover 300by400

Want to win a free copy of my book?

Answer one question and be as creative as you possibly can…

What is your Paranormal Chocolate Fantasy?

Send the answers to and I will do a drawing of the names on December 31st, 2009.

One person will receive a free copy if their name is drawn and another person will receive a copy for the most creative answer.

Make sure to include your email, state, and name in the body of the email itself!

I will make the announcement on the 31st of who won so that the winners can be sure to check their emails for their book!


Good Luck!


There was a time within the awakening of the world TEŔAH when mortal and immortal lived together in harmony. Realms opened to other realms. Portals were but an open entrance to the next dimension, doorways which were never closed. When the Great Goddess was heard clearly and had voice, the Great God looked proudly down upon this entire world and had for it an ear. Such things were known and cherished in the initiation of the world TEŔAH. Such things are forgotten about now– by some but not all. Some remember them always.

Samanthŕa Lampiŕ is High Priestess of twelve powerful and ancient bloodlines which consist of Strygĩ, a type of immortal vampire– and Lycãon, a wolf sharing soul with a male or female human. She has great respect for the Old Ways and their laws. It was her vow when she took her title to restore them to her people. But alas, it seems that the Evil bloodlines which desire the destruction of her world and its realms have become stronger. Her bloodlines are becoming extinct. And the Awakening that she has struggled to prevent because of an age long curse has been triggered, by the return of someone even more cursed…Daŕēus Dracuŕa, the thirteenth bloodline, Father of the Blood.

Daŕēus returns to TEŔAH to find his bloodlines and their realms attacked by an unseen and unnamable force. He is the only one who can protect them, restore them and end this phase of madness and destruction. But in order to do so, he needs his High Priestess at her full power. The problem is that she will not welcome what all others before her have willingly, an Awakening– which he deems will free her and she deems will be her end, and the end of those she loves most.

Can they find the source of Evil’s power, the Dark Matter, before it is too late? How many realms and lives will die before they do? Will Samanthŕa Awaken, and if she does, what will become of her and those who will be affected by the curse? Will Daŕēus even give her a choice for the sake of his blood?

Enter a world before Earth was even thought of. Discover the master bloodlines and the missing link to what humans are now. Walk through the pagães of time without becoming trapped by its enchantment– or can you? Awaken within yourself what those in this novel must first awaken in themselves. Discover the past of TERAH and the true beginning of all things which existed and still exist, if you can handle such truths– can you? If you can then let your journey begin!

Dark Roast Press



Please note that you must be 18 or over to enter this contest. By emailing and submitting your answers you are agreeing that you are.

Wanted: Pagans Who Love to Read & Want to Review Books!

The review section of Pagan & Pen keeps growing. Everyday more and more Authors are sending us their Fiction in hopes that it will be reviewed.


So, if you are a Pagan (of whatever kind) and love to read Paranormal, Fantasy, Contemporary, whatever genre, then PLEASE contact us at


This is a Free opportunity and can be a great way to help support your obsession for reading in these touch times.

Are you worried you can’t write a review? Don’t worry about that either. We will help you through it with a template and all!


So what are you waiting for?

Has Harlequin Gone Vanity?

Well folks, this past week has been a mess concerning a decision made by Harlequin Publishing that not only has RWA members in an uproar, but many Readers and Authors alike.


Harlequin Publishing announced its launching of Harlequin Horizons. What is this? Well, its a form of self publishing– some say– while others say its Vanity press.

What is Vanity Press?

Vanity is a form of publishing that ALL authors are warned against when we first make the decision to venture into this business.(Some are not warned quick enough)

If ever you have to PAY a PUBLISHER or an AGENT for anything—that’s vanity.

PUBLISHERS & AGENTS should be paying YOU.

So, if you are cruising the internet looking for someone to publish your work and you come across an ad saying, “Be a rich and a famous author—pay us $3,000.00 and we will make it happen.” —RUN! It’s vanity.

If you ever see a publishing site that says you do NOT have to pay, but can if you want extra features such as editing, help with the covers , etc—like , that is NOT Vanity.

It is a POD form of publishing—a print on demand.


Just remember, before you enter any contract or agreement, always research the company until your fingers bruise from Googling.

Now back to Harlequin….

Their Horizons project has some pretty hefty numbers attached to them:

The Basic Package is $599.00

Horizon Package is $799.00

Aspirations Package is $999.00

Marketing Plus Package is $1,199.00

Booksellers Package is $1599.00


Then, from there you have a whole mile of other services dump trucking another price tag of enormous amounts.  For instance, you can pay them $19,999.00 and they will create you something called a Hollywood Video of your book.

*pausing so some of you can peel yourselves off the floor, wave the smelling salts, or change your panties from laughing too hard from shock*


Now don’t panic because they have cheaper videos available. Why, you can have one made with voiceover for around $4,799.00.


You can find the numbers above under SERVICES & under Marketing Services.

Now a little information for our readers…

While some of you may think this is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to thicken the lists of reads you maybe interested in—therefore confusing you as to why writers maybe upset…maybe there are some things you don’t know.

Book stores do not take Vanity Press published books seriously. You will not see them on the shelf of any bookstore. Critics and Reviewers do not take Vanity Press Books seriously—which means if we can’t get the book reviewed, we are literally in trouble. (Reviewers are a life line of authors—period—they do a great service for readers AND authors)

Some hard facts about Authors

I know about 200 writers. Not one of them have this kind of money. All of them are struggling. That means they can barely afford the postage at times to send out submissions of their work.

When you are published by a Traditional Publisher or an Epub—you are not suddenly the next Stephanie Meyers. I know a well known author who has 50 books under his belt and can barely make enough to pay all the bills.


So when you buy someone’s book—a new author or not so well known, you are not making them rich. You are just helping them build a Readership. And a Readership takes years and years to build.

So why do Vanity Presses exist?

Vanity Presses try to take advantage of writers because believe it or not, we all become desperate to have our work published, and become depressed and insecure, not knowing if it is our fault that we are not a best seller or getting fact advances.

That’s not true of course, because great and awesome books are rejected every single day. But people are people and we can’t help what we feel sometimes.

However, Vanity Presses are basically the leaches we have to deal with. And the fact that a well known publisher is becoming one—absolutely shocking.

Just remember…

There are many different ways to be published now a days, so authors please, think wisely before you consider a Vanity Press.

Then again, I could be wrong…

So tell me, what do you think about Harlequins move to branch into Harlequin Horizons? Voice your opinions here!

Endings and Beginnings (birch)

After he left me, there was uncanny quiet,

A peace I’d forgotten could even exist,

I sat in my kitchen and gazed at the skyline,

My fears proved true, but I now felt blessed.


In the cold light of a bright winter’s morning,

With frost on the ground and the trees decked in ice,

I stood and I listened to small songbirds’ voices,

And owned I’d been living in fear for my life.


I was the brave one, the one who must venture,

To love a hard heart that cared nothing for me,

I gave all I had, to nurture and please him,

I could never suffice, he’d not satisfied be.


I made a small brush from the twigs of the birch

And I beat out his shadow from every room,

I drove off the memory of cruel words spoken,

Brought fine morning sunlight to conquer the gloom.


He left me with nothing but the cottage I grew in,

The clear vital morning, the scent of fresh air.

I still have the chorus of birds in my garden,

My false love departed, but what did I care?


I will peel off the old bark, the tattered and worn,

My growth will be verdant in sweet liberty,

I will bud and I’ll flourish again come the springtime,

And make a new life that is happy and free.


Oh love is a poison, a prison, a fool’s game,

And love is the lunacy that ruined me,

I’ll take a lone passage in days still remaining,

To live as I wish, in my own company.