Book Review: Crimson Dawn: Hallowed Echoes Volume One of the Dimenlien Chronicles by Myristica



Title: Crimson Dawn: Hallowed Echoes

Volume One of The Dimenlien Chronicles

Author: Myrstica

Author Site:

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Publisher: Dark Roast Press

Genre: Contemporary, Vampire, Paranormal, erotica

Length – # OF PAGES: 449

Other: M/F * M/F/M * M/M Multiple Partners

Card Rating: – 3

Review by: Kim

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Book Review: The Decision By C.R. Moss

Title: The Decision

Author: C.R. Moss

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Publisher: eXtasy Books

Genre: Series, Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Contemporary, Time Travel, Gay/Lesbian, Adventure, Vampire

Length 109 pages

Other: m/f, f/f, m/m, m/f/m sex scenes

Card Rating: 4 Tarots & Reviewers Top Pick

Review by: Jes L’Heureux

About The Book:

The Decision is an erotic, paranormal journey of a woman betrayed based off of the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card for eXtasy Books Tarot Series.

What would you do if fate gave you a second chance?

After the ultimate betrayal Jill Burke embarks on a very personal, erotic, paranormal journey.  At the mercy of Lady Tyche and Herr Sehend, the spinners of the wheel of fate, Jill is sent on a quest. During her mission, Jill encounters a myriad of experiences ranging from voyeurism to same sex love to vampires.  The choices she makes on her travels will determine if the end result of her adventure is good or bad.  Either way, Jill is in for the time of her life.

~ Warning: Story contains m/f, f/f, m/m & m/f/m sex scenes ~

{Taken directly from the author’s website:}

The Review:

Jill Burke, wife and mother, thought she had done well with her life, had kept a nice home for her husband and took care of their daughter. Then she finds out her daughter hates her and her husband has been cheating with his secretary for the past three years. Her life is falling apart around her when she falls into a hole and watches her past fly before her eyes. Jill finds herself standing in front of the Wheel of Fortune, and is offered a quest which will help decide where she will go, if she gives the correct answer she will be rewarded, wrong and she will be punished then and there. Nothing else is really said other then she will know when she gets there what she is to do.

The Decision is a beautifully written story by C.R. Moss, with intuitive scenes that shifted and changed with the character. Right away I fell in love with her main character, Jill Burke, and could feel her disillusion with her life and felt her raw need and emotions throughout her questing. I thought the story was interesting as who hasn’t wished that they could turn back the clock and change certain events. This story is the “what if” game played true as Moss takes her readers on a journey of sexual self-discovery and personal triumph. Truly, as Burke goes through her journey she finds her fortune is best when it isn’t controlled by anyone but herself, and it is only when she takes control of the helm that she is satisfied and loses her regrets and fears. I enjoyed this story and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in paranormal erotica.

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Book Review: Three Seeds by Gabriel Madison

Title: Three Seeds

Author: Gabriel Madison

Author Site

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Publisher: eTreasures Publishing

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Length 282p

Other: Minor Sex, M/F, Orgy

Card Rating: 3

Reviewed by: Jes L’Heureux

About The Book: (Author’s Blurb)

An unnatural cold front grows each day, bewildering world leaders and scientists, while leaving people across the world in a state of panic. All of North America is covered in snow, as Earth slowly reverts into a frozen oasis, causing religious groups to scream of the end of days, while others believe it’s the beginning of a new and foretold era.

Rosemary Anderson finds herself working as a receptionist, living on an old southern plantation and wishing for excitement. David, the man claiming to have rescued her from a car wreck three years earlier, has maneuvered himself into her life, but only shows up occasionally to ask Rose strange and cryptic questions about a past she no longer remembers.

Rose’s desire for adventure comes true, when strange men arrive at her plantation, and suddenly assaults her. Rose narrowly escapes with the help of her mysterious friend, David.

David flees to Atlanta as he leads Rose through a hidden and treacherous world filled with death, power, secrets and passion. While trying to protect her from immortals shrouded by shadows, a secret society and ancient beings from a forgotten time determine to either capture, or kill her.

Available as e-Book in PDF or Mobipocket Reader format

The Review:

“Three Seeds” is the debut novel from Mr. Gabriel Madison, and centers on a young girl, Rose, and several individuals and groups who either want her for her power or want her dead. The story jumps around a bit between different factions throughout the world that has been presented, with always the main focus being Rose and her Guardian David. Here he has created an interwoven world of magic and intrigue that the reader is carried on from start to finish. Rose, a 23 year old, wakes up in a hospital three years prior with no memory of who she is or why she is there. All she knows is what she has been told; that she was brought in by a man named David after surviving an accident, and that her name is Rosemary Anderson. For three years she lives a quiet life, working at the hospital where she awoke, enjoying small town life and the infrequent visits from the mysterious David. She wishes for something to happen to pull her from her boring life, but doesn’t realize that her wishes can come true, as she is pulled into a twisting plot of blood and chaos and into a world of secret societies, magic and conspiracies. Through the course of the novel Rose learns that she is a part of something more and is highly coveted and feared with certain sects. She is the reason for the cold front that has overtaken North America, cold enough for snow in the most sweltering of states.

Now overall this novel was a fast read, with much happening and jumping around from the different groups of individuals. All with cryptic text and dialogue that was at times irritating as the reader was kept in the dark throughout the novel.

I found that the novel started off a little slow, and the first few chapters rather hard to get into, and to fall in love with the characters and their story.

It did pick up with fast, high action packed scenes. There seemed to be so much that needed to be said that it felt rushed at times while others were more rounded and fleshed out.

Overall the novel was a good read and is a great way for someone who is new to fantasy to ease their way into the genre. There is some light sex mentioned and shown in the novel, but nothing that would put off the reader. With the mysticism and the story lines of the surviving cast, Mr. Madison has much to work with and as his series grows so will his writing, and I do look forward to seeing how he evolves the work and overall series.

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Book Review: Absinthe Eyes & Other Lies By GR Bretz


Title: Absinthe Eyes & Other Lies

Author: GR Bretz

Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing

Genre: Contemporary

Length – # OF PAGES: 96

Other: M/F

Card Rating – 4 Tarots

Reviewed by: Strega




When a legend lingers for centuries there’s usually a bit of truth to it. For two hundred years people have whispered about the green fairy that lives in bottles of absinthe. Drink up. If you’re lucky you may see her. If you’re very lucky you may catch her. No one should ever be that lucky. Ask David, Vincent and Richard; three men with a few things in common. They have found inspiration. They have met the Muse. They have taken Dahlia to their hearts and to their beds. It cost them their sanity and their lives. If Stephen isn’t very careful he’s going to be number four.

David is a writer, old and drunk, he hasn’t written anything in years. Vincent is an artist in need of inspiration to paint a masterpiece. Stephen is heir to an absinthe distillery. The thing they all have in common, besides drinking absinthe, is Dahlia. She is their muse, their reason for being, their obsession…think you know the rest of this story? Think again!

GR Bretz has written an astounding tale of dark, erotic love, lust and longing that will keep you as mesmerized as David, Vincent & Richard are with Dahlia. I was totally enthralled with this story and literally couldn’t put it down until I had finished reading every word. I have never drank Absinthe, but after reading this story I was left with a desire to have its taste on my tongue, although I have the good sense to realize that reality and fantasy rarely blend well…or do they?

Don’t miss this extraordinary tale from a master storyteller! GR Bretz is a name you’ll want to remember and Absinthe Eyes & Other Lies is a book you won’t soon forget.