Excerpt – New Bedlam


My NaNoWriMo project is well behind, right now I believe I’m sitting somewhere just past the 12k mark. I should be finishing up at 30k at the end of today, were I on target. Oh, what a month to have launched a company and taken on four editing projects! Not to mention our family was hit with the curly-tail flu, keeping both girls at home for two weeks, and of course they just had to share the happy-germs.

I sometimes think NaNoWriMo and I just shouldn’t be on talking terms. Nevertheless, this project is dear to my heart, and as I’ve already posted the prologue (yes, I did a dreaded prologue >.<) I've decided to share the first chapter with you. I've put it behind a cut, as it's rather long and I don't want to completely cover the main page. I hope you enjoy it! Continue reading Excerpt – New Bedlam