Pagan Holiday For November 15th, 2009


Pagan Day for Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Sunday is all about the Sun God Hellios, Apollo, Ogmios and, Mithras or Phoebe: The Sun Goddess


Sunday is a good day to deal with matters or magic concerning:

Your creativity—or be creative. Maybe someone else? How about matters of hope or personal money issues? What of victory, anything agriculture, perhaps healing, or a career? Do you have or need ambition and or most importantly, self confidence?


Sunday represents the Sun and the element Fire.


The phase of the moon is: Waning Crescent—2% full



November 15th, 2009

On this day:

Greek Observance for the God Asclepius


The Egyptian Ennead Feast


If we could leap through the magical portal today and browse the festivities of the Ancient World, not allot would be going on. Of course, if you remember yesterday, there was– and perhaps the Celts, and Druids have too many hangovers to do much of anything on this day.

But alas, there is still something to admire and peek in on. You know those Greeks, they rarely have hangovers. So while the other Cultures take it easy (who can blame them), the Greeks will be having an Observance for Asclepius—which some evidence supports truly existed.


Asclepius began as a mortal man. After his death, though, Zeus brought him to live among the other Gods. He was given the star constellation called Ophiuchus and to this day, he is still remembered by some Physicians who take the Hippocratic Oath.


After peeking in on the Greeks, lets swoop on over to Egypt since we are done with the three days of Isis. On this grand Sunday, representing the Sun, what better place to hold a feast than in The House of Ra—the God Ra—Sun God.

The feast is called Ennead –which means the nine divinities. Now, every temple could have its very own Ennead, but today, we pay respect and honor to all nine—

The first Ennead—Ra and the others: his children and grandchildren.

Very appropriate for the day of the Sun, isn’t it?


Well folks, that’s it, which means we can jump back through the portal and have a peaceful day ourselves. Not unless you were one of the many that took the time machine with me yesterday and stayed to party it up with the Celts and Druids. If you are suffering from some of the same hangovers, then we will quietly return to our homes.

See you tomorrow!!!!

Oh, oops, sh-sh-sh-sh. Sorry.