Pagan Holiday for November 12th, 2009


Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Thursday is the day of  Thunor or Thor—God of thunder & agriculture

This day represents Jupiter and the Element of Fire.

It is a good day to deal with matters or magical workings concerning desires, harvests, oaths, treaties, legal matters, gambling, speculating, and political power.



November 12th is the day of Isis


This is the day in the Egyptian Calendar that the Goddess Isis began her search for her husbands body, Osiris.

Isis, my favorite Goddess, seems to be very self made and maintained. While some look at her struggles as loyalty, and or burdens, I see them as just one more reason as to why she is a Goddess and more importantly, a woman.

Isis is proof that there is strength in all women. She proves that no matter what odds are stacked against us, we can endure and we most certainly can survive. Even if the will of the Gods are against us…no one and nothing decides our destiny and fate except …us.


So today we honor Isis and what is the beginning of one of her hardest journeys.




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