Pagan Holidays for November 11th, 2009

Wednesday November 11th, 2009

Wednesday is the day of the God Woden. Woden is the Angelo Saxon God of knowledge, enlightenment, and of war.

Some say that Woden is the same as the Norse deity Odin.

Wednesday represents Mercury and the element of air. it is a good day to tend to matters and or invoke spells concerning business, communicating, debt, fear, a type of loss, money, work, education. This is also a good day to travel.

On November 11th…

The Irish celebrated Lunantishees

The Scottish celebrated Old November Day & Quarter Day

The Romans celebrated Vinalia

The Norse held their Feast of Einherjar


Today is the day that the Irish would celebrate their Observance for the Fairies called Lunantishees. These were Fairies of the Blackthorn Bushes. That meant you better not muck with or pick the Blackthorn bushes on this day, else wise you would make the Lunantishees very upset. If you defy them then they will bring down upon you horrible misfortune.


In the Old English Calendar, today was the Scottish Old Novembers Day & Quarter Day. That meant that Winter begins on this day.


Today Rome celebrated Vinalia. it was to honor Bacchus, their God of Wine.


The Norse held their feast of Einherjar on this day. This day was for the Warriors who died bravely and heroic in battle.

These warriors are expected to fight as boldly in the future battle of Ragnarok—the final battle that will bring about the end of this world so that the birth of a new one can begin.

So on this day, those deceased Warriors are awakened by the crowning of Gullinkambi. The Warriors must then fight and test each other until sunset. After which, they will be called to stand before Odin and have their wounds healed.

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