Introducing M King

It was only when author M King brought out her Halloween freebie ‘Samhain Enchanted Evening’ that it occured to me to ask about her personal beliefs. We’d been working together for quite a while, and I’d registered the folklore influences and magical reality of her writing. It’s still a slightly delicate question to ask, but it turns out that she is indeed a fellow pagan.

I first met M King when she got involved with the Immortal Fire project we’re doing through the His and His Kisses line at – she turned in a lovely gay fantasy story – Almost Human and I was isntantly taken with her writing style and imaginative story telling. She went on to develop a series of Travellers tales – gypsy folklore, m/m romance ad strange magic combine in these stories to beautiful effect. The Green Man, The Golden Horse, The Gypsy and The Witch are already out, with more to come. She’s also written f/f – Whistle Bait.

If you’re inclined to find out more, please do stop by her blog and have a browse –