Pagan Holiday for November 10th, 2009


Tuesday November 10th, 2009

Tuesday belongs to the God Mars and the element of Fire.

Mars is the God of War—

so any God of War in any other culture would probably fall under this Tuesday as well.


Tuesdays are for enemies, loyalty, protection from violence, confidence, courage, marriage.


On November 10th…

The Scots celebrated Nicnevin


The French celebrated the Festival of Reason



Nicnevin is the Goddess of the Hunt. She is also known as Nigh Nemhain, the daughter of frenzy. On this night, it is said that she rides with those who follow her through the countryside. At times, she may allow herself to be visible to those who follow her.


In 1793, the French Convention enthroned the Goddess of Reason in Notre Dame de Paris’ Cathedral. A woman named Mademoiselle Candeille, an Opera Singer of her day,  represented the Goddess. She was dressed in a white frock, a white mantle, and a red Phrygian cap. She wore a crown of oak leaves. Young women who were chosen to be her attendee also wore crowns of oak leaves.



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Just When You Think You’re Alone…

I’m just going to ramble so humor me folks. LOL

Last night I had a rough night. In RL I’m a property manager for a small family owned business. At 11:30 pm I had a tenant knock on my door and scare the crap out of me. Let’s just say I’d already had a crappy day, but that knock was the icing on the cupcake. It led me to not only call the police, but to wake my boss up, and then thanks to the very nice officer I discovered there’s a tenant in the building that I apparently can’t trust.  I had to call the maintenance engineer this morning to let him know what happened last night and there was a job I needed him for. Details are unimportant at this point. Suffice to say I didn’t get to sleep until well after midnight and had to be back up at 7:30 am.

I was frankly feeling down and frustrated this morning when I woke up. This job takes away from what I love, my writing, but it’s a necessity for my day to day survival. Frustration is the curse of those of us who actually grew mentally into responsible adults.

Claddagh Symbol of Love, Friendship, and Loyalty

During my morning ritual of checking e-mail, making calls, and checking my Live Journal I came across a post from one of my best friends on-line. If not for this lovely, talented woman half-way across the world and in another hemisphere (she lives in Queensland, Australia) I would have long ago given up my dream of being  a published writer. When I had no faith in myself she had enough faith for both of us. She poked and prodded me like no one else, not even my family, ever did about my dream of being a writer.

As I sat there reading this post that she’d made I began to cry. I couldn’t stop. Her words made me realize that over the past ten years that I’ve been on-line that I had touched some people far deeper than I’d ever imagined. Sometimes I forget about these people. I’ve never been able to hug her, but I talk to her at least once a week over Skype. We laugh, curse, read each other erotica (mainly I read to her she’s still my tester for my writing and she never blows smoke up my ass), and I’m her tester for all the art she creates (which is incredibly beautiful). I consider her not only my BFF, but my soul sister even though we’ve never stood in the same room. I hooked her up with Dark Roast Press my publisher and though I know her as Winnie some of you here know her as Juanita Campbell (eyeballs C.H. Scarlett and Myristica) the staff artist for Dark Roast.

I found myself feeling like a damn fool after reading what she had to say about the past we shared before either of us got to this place. A place where our dreams are coming true; slowly, but surely.

Sometimes everyone including myself needs to be reminded that we’re not alone, even when we believe we are.

May the Goddess bless you and keep you, Winnie, as you have blessed me. *hugs*

Paganism: The Month of November

The month of November comes from the Latin term ‘novem’ which means the number nine. Interestingly enough, November was the ninth month that came after March according to Ancient Rome’s calendar.

November is known as:



Ancient Pagans: ‘Snow Moon’

Some American Indian cultures: “The Moon of the Falling Leaves.’

Old Saxon : ‘The Wind Month’


November is known as:




‘The coming of the darkness’

‘The first month of Samhain’


November is known as:



Come November, Celts would decide which animals were strong enough to survive winter and see a New year and its light. Animals which could not, would then be killed to feed the Celts and their families so that they could endure. Parts of those animals that were inedible would be tossed into bonfires.


November is the month of all Scorpios and Sagittarians. and the stone which represents this month is Topaz. The Month stands for ‘Meaning’.


Topaz is best known for its manifesting properties. Golden topaz in particular is associated with abundance. Golden topaz is also an energizer. Blue topaz stimulates the throat chakra. Champagne topaz can assist the soul in fulfilling the earthy purpose for its incarnation. Clear topaz is a transformative gemstone that can help facilitate karmic clearings and soul healings.


So, now that you understand a little more about November, may your magickal workings explode ten fold!


C.H. Scarlett






Woo-Hoo !!! The Moon’s Song is finished

 I’ve done it !!! I’ve written the end of The Moon’s Song, and I quite like the end too :-). It was exhausting, I really groaned as I finished the last words – it’s like giving birth. And it still surprised me right up to the end !!! This story certainly knows its own mind and what it wants.

Of course, there’s loads of editing and I’m beginning the first read-through this afternoon. Then my editior has to get her teeth into it and send it back covered in red-line *g*.

I’m going to try to get it fit for publication, through Lulu, for the Midwinter feast but will keep you all posted.