Pagan Holiday for November 8th, 2009

Sunday is the day of the Sun God

Hellios, Apollo, Ogmios, Mithras or Phoebe: The Sun Goddess


November 8th is the Roman “Mania”


Welsh–Gwynn ap Nudd



Mania is 1 of 3 occurrences which happens during a Roman year. It’s when the Manes (deified spirits of the dead) rise into the world of the living.

Many Roman cities had a deep pit, also called a Mundus. The entrance to the Mundus was sealed with a stone. The pit was believed to be a tunnel that led to the underworld. When the Manes returned to the Land of the Living, they would use the tunnel. So on the day of Mania, the stone would be removed. Then, things were left for the Manes…sacrifices of wine, warm milk, honey, and the blood of black animals.




Today is also Gwynn ap Nudd—celebrated by the Welsh. On this day, the lord of the Fairy world would open the gate to our world. The door or Gate is believed to be located in Glastonbury Tor, Britain. The Lord of the Underworld, named Gwynn ap Nudd, comes to lead the spirits into Annwn.


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