Pagan Holiday for Nov. 6th 2009

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Friday represents Friggs, or Venus, the Goddess of love & transformation

Today is

the celebration of the Babylonian Goddess Tiamat’s birth


the Observance of the Djed Pillars of Egypt


A little about Tiamat

Tiamat is the Babylonian Goddess of creation. Her name means ‘the sea’ and she is the Goddess of the primordial ocean. It is said that Tiamat brought order when there was nothing but chaos (before creation).

Tiamat also gave birth to the Grandparents of Enki –God of the Sea & Anu—God of the Sky.

Enki discovered a horrible plot by Anu, who planned to destroy and kill all of the other Gods. So Enki murdered Anu in an attempt to stop him.

Tiamat seemed to lose her mind over this. She created legions of Supernatural Warriors. Some were half man, half scorpion, some were even half storms—just to name a couple.  By Tiamat’s anger, they set out to destroy Enki but it didn’t work.  When Enki destroyed the last of them, he then attacked Tiamat, slicing her in half and killing her. From there he stole the Tablets of Destiny that are said to hold the decrees of the Elder Gods and the forces of the universe.

The stories of Tiamat vary and unfortunately change throughout man. For instance, I have read where Tiamat is murdered by Marduk and then by her blood, he creates the Heavens, Earth and the first man.  So here are a few links to begin your research if you would like, and then you can decide for yourself.



Babylonian Creation Myth—very good page

In some Myths, Tiamat was a Dragon





The Observance of the Djed Pillars


Today we celebrate the raising of the Djed pillars. If you have been to Egypt or have studied their history, you can easily see that these pillars are everywhere. They also seem to predate pre-dynastic times.

According to the very famous and highly misunderstood Book of the Dead, these pillars symbolize Osiris’s backbone. That’s according to Budge who wrote The Book of the Dead, though.

They look like an upright column with 3 or 4 cross members—by what I gather as it is raised, then such is the case with Osiris.


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However, the Djed Pillars did not always stand for Osiris. In the beginning they stood for fertility and Egyptians would tie grain at the top.

I can certainly see how that would have been adapted into the Osiris’s myths then. Did Isis not raise Osiris in order to conceive from him a child, an heir of Egypt? Horus.




Here are some awesome links if you would like to further your research.

The Concept of the Djed Symbol (with illustrations)

Osiris Djed (illustrations)


Well folks, I hope you enjoyed today’s Pagan Days at the Pagan & the Pen. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for more!

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