Trick or Treating

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday and I have fond memories of trick-or-treating. When I close my eyes, I can still feel the chill of autumn and hear the faint whisper of fallen leaves blown by a gentle breeze. I can still hear the crunch of those fallen leaves beneath my eager footsteps and I can hear children laughing. The plastic scent from the old style Halloween masks still lingers in my mind. All of these reminders bring a smile to my face.

Going from door to door embraced in the twilight shadows, my heart raced with excitement and a little bit of fear, not knowing what to expect. With my pillowcase clutched in my hand, I would enter a neighbor’s yard filled with anticipation, wondering if the neighbor was going to jump out from behind a tree wearing a spooky mask. I welcomed a good scare in the spirit of Halloween. The neighbors that turned their yards into haunted houses or foggy graveyards were my favorite stops.

I loved that feeling of excitement and fear of the unknown. That was what Halloween was all about for my siblings and me. Halloween is that one night when a kid is free to roam the neighborhood, knocking on doors and demanding treats. It’s that feeling of fun and unpredictability that I will always remember.

I have to wonder if we have turned Halloween into a sterile, predictable night with trick-or-treating at the malls, churches and/or schools. Do kids still go door to door in their neighborhoods? Where I live now, they do their trick-or-treating in town from store to store. This is probably fun for kids who know no different, but it seems so scripted to me. I cannot help thinking that some of the fun has been snuffed out of Halloween. Gone is that experience of not knowing what to expect from each neighbor. Gone is that mischievous feeling of roaming the neighborhood in search of treats, and maybe performing an innocent trick or two on a stingy neighbor.

I am glad to see that Halloween and the art of trick-or-treating is still flourishing even if it has changed in some areas, but I will always have my own fond memories of trick-or-treating in my old neighborhood.

Have a safe and happy Halloween (Samhain)!


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4 thoughts on “Trick or Treating”

  1. I watched trick Or Treating take a big hit right after 9/11. Not that every Christian adult where i live was too fond of it anyway. Still, 9/11 seemed to be their big reason as to why they would not participate or that their kids would not get to go. The neighborhoods seem very empty and this breaks my heart.

    We live in the country so we are always having to drive to subdivisions so that my kids can go. I don’t care how long it takes, we will always take our kids door to door, subdivision to subdivision so that they can do Trick or Treating.


  2. lol in the one neighborhood we drive to, there is this old couple that turns their house into a spook house for the kids. They have to walk through the house to get the candy. The old woman makes her husband dress up and everything.
    Anyway, my kids always ate it up, breezing on through the house, getting their candy and eatting up whatever monster the husband lurked as.
    Last year, the old woman afraid that her house might be getting to spooky, dressed the whole thing up as Santa’s pole. She made her husband be Santa and she was Mrs. Clause. You had to go through North Pole (her house) to get to Santa who had the candy.
    She looks for my kids every year. When we got to the door, my kids who cruised through all the spookiness before was too terrified to go into the North pole lol. In fact, most kids were too scared to go in that year. She was so bummed lol. She thought it be easier for the little kids. So, this year she is going back to all that is spooky lol.


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