Time for the Crone!

Seasons are changing, the air growing colder and crisp, and we are entering into the time of year ruled by the Crone Goddess. The Crone is the aged Goddess archetype, a symbol of wisdom and magick. She is the Divine aspect which helps us during transitional periods – and autumn/winter is the prime time for these types of workings. The sun goes to rest, and darkness prevails; this change signals the time to let go of the ideas and situations which no longer serve us, to allow them to be transform into prosperous and useful things.

To connect to the power of the Crone, journal these questions and answers:

* What has been my most magickal experience to date? (an experience or situation which showed you the power of Goddess/God/Spirit)

* What relationships do I need to change in order to be whole?

* Make a list of the things you currently fear. Whether it is something in the physical world, spirit realm, or in your psyche, it all belongs on this list. When are finished, examine your answers one by one. Ask yourself, and/or the Crone where this fear springs from. Write the answers down as they come.

The Crone lives inside each of us; She is our inner wisdom and holds the answer to all of our questions. Sit in a meditative silence, with the aid of a dark blue of black candle to connect with Her. Burn an earth scented incense. Ask the Crone what it is you need in order to live to your highest potential.


Brandi Auset

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