Writing about Pagan characters in fiction

Do pagan characters in fiction exist?

Me, I write about them all the time. Part of my writing is in striving to “normalize” pagan faiths while writing about everyday life, fantasy, science fiction, and other subjects. I don’t know how many other writers actually do this. I know of a lot of pagan authors, but rarely run into writing where an author has taken the time to write about characters who worship actual deities and partake of a pagan faith.

I’ve written about Kemetics (Egyptian pagans), Hellenic pagans, reconstructionists, and polytheists in general. A short story I’ve written and have for an anthology is about two women about to get married who are each devoted to a Greek goddess: Aphrodite and Hera. Another series is about a woman who is a devotee of Apollo. In yet another, Dionysus.

I welcome any and all recommendations of stories in any genre which talks about real, actual paganism and forms of pagan religion. Does anyone know of any? Feel free to comment!

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28 thoughts on “Writing about Pagan characters in fiction”

  1. My “Heart” fantasy-romance series takes place on the planet “Celta” which was colonized by Earth folk with psi powers and general Celtic beliefs. The society as a whole believes in the Lady and Lord, I’ve included Samhain and Yule holiday rituals, handfasting…



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