Writing about Pagan characters in fiction

Do pagan characters in fiction exist?

Me, I write about them all the time. Part of my writing is in striving to “normalize” pagan faiths while writing about everyday life, fantasy, science fiction, and other subjects. I don’t know how many other writers actually do this. I know of a lot of pagan authors, but rarely run into writing where an author has taken the time to write about characters who worship actual deities and partake of a pagan faith.

I’ve written about Kemetics (Egyptian pagans), Hellenic pagans, reconstructionists, and polytheists in general. A short story I’ve written and have for an anthology is about two women about to get married who are each devoted to a Greek goddess: Aphrodite and Hera. Another series is about a woman who is a devotee of Apollo. In yet another, Dionysus.

I welcome any and all recommendations of stories in any genre which talks about real, actual paganism and forms of pagan religion. Does anyone know of any? Feel free to comment!

Love & Magic,