What’s Your Favorite Horror Movie & Why?

Mine is the Exorcist. The first movie…NOT the others lol.


Mind you I do not believe in possession but I think, if that was my kid? lol In the time that this came out to, I imagine that it was VERY scary. I don’t think people were exposed to this type of thing, masturbating with crosses lol and so forth. Plus, I can imagine that more people believed in possession then than they do now.

Well real or not, that would be some crazy stuff. And the movie, for whatever reason, I don’t know is just freaky.


So what is your favorite Horror Movie and why?

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Halloween—The Devil’s Holiday


Halloween was always my favorite Holiday growing up. I was the kid that wanted every day to be Halloween. I thought, how cool would it be if we could dress up every single day? I didn’t even need the candy…just the permission to run the streets at night with a ton of other kids in my favorite spooky outfit. That might be why certain shows like the Addams Family and Munsters were my favorite. To me, Halloween rocked.

However, it did not come easy. Growing up in the bible belt, there was always someone turning their nose up at Halloween. They claimed it was a Devil’s Holiday.

Hey, I didn’t care. My mother might not have been the best in the world but at least she skipped the jive of her bible beating family and took me Trick or Treating. I may not be able to remember every Christmas, or hardly a birthday, but I can bet you that I can remember every Halloween and every homemade costume I cooked up.


Naturally the night of spook filled fun remained a big deal to me even after I was too old to go trick or treating. I was always volunteering to take other people’s kids, help them get into costume—>still flashing some Gothic- piece- of- fashion- fright of my own. I had forgotten about it being the Devil’s Holiday and I had forgotten about how uptight people were about it, until I watched a little girl’s heart get broken, something that still haunts me.



I rented a cabin in a cluster of other cabins back in the 90’s. Since the cabins were not in any subdivision and most parents worked, I volunteered to get any kid ready and take them to my parents subdivision for some Trick or Treating.



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All the other parents were thankful except one. She kept saying that her child would not be going out and celebrating any ‘Devil’s Holiday.’ I explained that in a child’s heart, it was nothing more than fun and fantasy. It was about candy, treats, being something else for just a few hours. Living in the world of imagination…and that being reality…for just one night a year.

Needless to say, the mother wasn’t hearing it. A million reasons spewed from her mouth as to why Halloween should be ripped off the calendars and black listed. Every reason ended in–> God or began in God says…

Then, calmly, I lost it and the truth came out…”But God doesn’t mind you shoving a needle in your arm or spending the rent money in pot? God doesn’t mind you bringing home every Tom, Dick and Perv, despite what example that sets for your daughter or what they do to her? God doesn’t—“

It didn’t matter and what happened after doesn’t either.  What mattered was, that night I left and when I left, I watched that little girl looking out her bedroom window crying her eyes out because she couldn’t go with us. And that broke my heart.



I have three children of my own and every year Halloween is a big thing at my house. My oldest is too old to Trick or Treat this year but he will still be dressing up and going with me to take the little ones. Last year some family went with us and complained that we literally walked around all the neighborhoods we went to, going from door to door. “Why can’t we drive damn it?” That’s how they did it. They drove, parked and then made their teenager walk all their kids around.

I told them go ahead…we would be walking because that’s what we do. I want to see my kids go to each door and I want to feel the night air on my skin. I want to swoon at each costume I see…I want to eat up every minute. And when we come home, the kids and me will watch horror movies till they pass out on the couch. Then…I will go outside, and do something private concerning the actual Pagan Holiday…Samhain, now that my kids had an absolute blast.

Still, every year I will see some little kid sitting by the window crying because their parents make too much out of the so-called Devils Holiday. And I think about that little girl that I knew long ago.

So to everyone out there, don’t deny your kids a night of fun because of some religious nonsense.  It may mean something more to others but for the kids…its usually just about Trick or Treating, having a great time, and living inside the world of their imagination for just a few hours. Let our kids have that…before they are no longer our kids anymore.


And for all the Adults—go have some Halloween fun no matter what. Go to a Haunted House for Adults, or turn your house into one for the Trick or Treaters. Have a Halloween Party…DRESS UP…who cares how old you are!!!!!


HH GoulMoon

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Writing Class

Recently I completed a creative writing class and it reminded me of one thing. Everyone has a story to write….most people have more than one story. For instance, I have so many stories bounding around my head that there is barely enough time to get them all out.

But what makes one person a writer while the other person dreams about writing. The answer is simple and yet so hard for so many. It’s the simple act of writing. A writer writes.

The fear of rejection, perfection and judgement (among so many others) are a huge barrier for a lot of people who fall into the “wantabe” writer. The act of actually sitting down and writing is very confronting. There is a great deal of emotion spent in writing, it shows the soul, it shows our personality, our hopes and dreams. Once it is out there in the world, out on paper, there is no bringing it back.

But the adrenaline, the passion and fire so many writers feel when they sit down to write is easily addictive. The flow soon starts and all of a sudden the writer is in the “zone”. Hours have passed with relative ease as the writer has been caught up in their characters, plot, places and themes.

This is how you know you are a writer. You have the burning desire, you have the fear that goes with it. You write. I dont think a writer should be judged on the one and only fact of if they are published or not. To be a published writer is a whole different story. A writer simply has to write. If you decide to share your stories, poems or an entire novel with other people then thats great.

But you dont have to share, there is a feeling of freedom to be able to write whatever you want without having the censure in the back of your mind that says “what if people read that!!” But if people do read what you write, you may be surprised by the effect and the reaction.

When you write you grow as a person, you gain confidence, you can work through emotions, create worlds and people. You can write about your dreams and hopes, things that you could never say out loud to anyone can be written down for all to see in the guise of a character.

Writing is like reading, it is freeing. So if you have a passion to write, if you have stories within you that scream to be let out…..then write. I thought about giving up writing at one stage but a friend reminded me of what a writer truly is…..someone who has stories within them and needs to share them so others can see the magic they never knew was there. Seize your passion and go with the flow. You will be amazed what happens.

Then you can call yourself a writer.



Supernatural Beings in fiction

Supernatural beings in every form have been gracing our bookshelves for centuries. As readers we are so used to reading about ghosts, witches, vampires, shape-shifters and so many other beings. Has their popularity run out? Are people wanting more subtle forms of the supernatural? Not according to what is popular on the top twenty fiction lists. Vampires reign supreme at the moment with Stephenie Meyer and Charline Harris standing out as the incredibly popular. But what makes  the supernatural being so very alluring?

Is it the unrequited yearning that is so obvious in these books that calls to our souls and pushes us to read the vampire’s story over and over? Is it the base animatistic primal instinct that has us running for more shapeshifter stories? The magic in stories of witches and parallel fantasy lands feeds our imagination and transports us to a magical place that is beyond the mundane capacity of our daily existence.

Yes, supernatural, paranormal and fantasy books are here to stay. They are obviously tapping into a universal need for magic, fantasy and imagination that we need in our reading. But what is to come next? Are there any other slants on the tried and tested stories that have been with us for generations? How many different ways can a vampire, witch or any mythical creature be portrait? That is what is wonderful about the world of fiction, the possibilities are boundless.

But are we becoming blaze about the nuances of the supernatural. It is everywhere in our popular culture, both fiction and non-fiction. I recently opened a non-fiction book about witches and pagans only to find it filled with pictures from the popular television series “Charmed”. This got me thinking, with all of the special effects in movies and tv and all of the graphic description now prevalent in books, what about the subtlety of real life magic.

Do all these effects and graphics take away from what is really practiced and achieved through real life pagans, witches and the like? Does it downplay the very real magic that is felt at a ritual or when magic happens in your life? Is the real life magic enough or is it an anticlimax against the fiction of today?

I dont know the answer, but I do think that we need to see the real miracle and magic that happens to us on a daily basis. And we need to encapsulate the emotion, culture, history and fun of the fantasy and paranormal fiction that is shaping our modern literature culture.



Grounding and Centering

forestEnergy plays an important role in everything we do. It is the power that animates the physical world, causing the sun to shine, our bodies to move, making trees and plants grow and flourish; and it is the force that flows within us, the primary source of our emotions, thoughts and spiritual life. When stress, injury, and negative feelings disrupt our flow of energy, our quality of life is diminished – even if we are not aware of it!

With careful practice and meditation, we can learn to sense the energies within ourselves, and bring them into balance so that we may embrace our highest good.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to balance physical and spiritual energies is a technique known as “grounding and centering.” Grounding links you to the healing energy of the Earth, bringing stability, calm, and awareness of the physical body and the world around you. Centering puts you in touch with your personal power, connecting your mental and spiritual bodies.

To begin, stand in a quiet place with minimal distractions. Your feet should be shoulder width apart and your knees slightly bent. Or, if you prefer, you can be seated with your feet planted firmly on the ground and your back straight.

Start by closing your eyes, and taking long, slow breaths. Inhale deeply, breathing through the nose, filling the stomach and the chest with air. Then, exhale through the nose, slowly releasing and contracting the stomach. Feel your body relax with each breath you take.

Next, bring your consciousness down to the soles of your feet, feeling their strength and firmness. Visualize tree-like roots extending from the soles of your feet. With each breath you take, these roots grow far and wide, sinking deep into the Earth, through the bedrock, and into the healing soils below. Imagine the negativity, illness and/or stress you feel seeping out of your body, draining from your head down to your toes, through your roots and into the Earth where it is harmlessly absorbed and dispersed. Take your time.

Now that the negativity is drained out, let the energies of the Earth replenish you. When you are ready, envision the Earth’s healing energy flowing up your roots and filling your body with light. Feel the loving warmth as the energy sinks into you, allow it to move and flow throughout your body.

Slowly raise your arms to the sky, and visualize the golden energy of the Universe flowing through your fingers, down your arms, and into your body. Feel the energies within you meld together as the healing energy of the Earth, the warmth of universal energy and your own energies mingle and become one. Take a nice, deep breath, allowing yourself to accept these energies into your heart.

When you are ready, lower your arms and feel the roots recede back into your feet. Take a few extra deep breaths, and open your eyes.

Grounding and centering heightens your sensitivity to dis-balanced energies within yourself and the world around you. Performing this meditation on a daily basis is a wonderfully simple way to commune with the Earth, while healing yourself with attentiveness and love.

Trick or Treating

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday and I have fond memories of trick-or-treating. When I close my eyes, I can still feel the chill of autumn and hear the faint whisper of fallen leaves blown by a gentle breeze. I can still hear the crunch of those fallen leaves beneath my eager footsteps and I can hear children laughing. The plastic scent from the old style Halloween masks still lingers in my mind. All of these reminders bring a smile to my face.

Going from door to door embraced in the twilight shadows, my heart raced with excitement and a little bit of fear, not knowing what to expect. With my pillowcase clutched in my hand, I would enter a neighbor’s yard filled with anticipation, wondering if the neighbor was going to jump out from behind a tree wearing a spooky mask. I welcomed a good scare in the spirit of Halloween. The neighbors that turned their yards into haunted houses or foggy graveyards were my favorite stops.

I loved that feeling of excitement and fear of the unknown. That was what Halloween was all about for my siblings and me. Halloween is that one night when a kid is free to roam the neighborhood, knocking on doors and demanding treats. It’s that feeling of fun and unpredictability that I will always remember.

I have to wonder if we have turned Halloween into a sterile, predictable night with trick-or-treating at the malls, churches and/or schools. Do kids still go door to door in their neighborhoods? Where I live now, they do their trick-or-treating in town from store to store. This is probably fun for kids who know no different, but it seems so scripted to me. I cannot help thinking that some of the fun has been snuffed out of Halloween. Gone is that experience of not knowing what to expect from each neighbor. Gone is that mischievous feeling of roaming the neighborhood in search of treats, and maybe performing an innocent trick or two on a stingy neighbor.

I am glad to see that Halloween and the art of trick-or-treating is still flourishing even if it has changed in some areas, but I will always have my own fond memories of trick-or-treating in my old neighborhood.

Have a safe and happy Halloween (Samhain)!


‘Timeless tales of romance, conflict & magic’





Fear or Why I’m an Alien…

I was setting here wondering exactly what I could possibly blog about when a conversation I had with a friend this weekend came to mind. We were discussing  this new movie  “Paranormal Activity” that’s caused such a stir on-line. Being as Halloween is coming up and I had a chance to watch said movie I decided what the hell. That was exactly my reaction–WTH? I was not impressed and as a matter of fact was–yet again–utterly disappointed by all the hype. I won’t spoil the movie for those who wish to see it, but my friend was surprised at the venom that spurted from my mouth about how Hollywood wouldn’t know fear or scary if it walked up and bit them on the ass.

Frustrated to the Point of Screaming

Let me explain my growing annoyance. I’ve spent all of my adult life and most of my teens looking for something–anything–to scare myself. I’m talking scare the living bejeesus out of me, nightmares for a week fear. Thus far I have failed. No book or movie has yet to stand my hair on end and at this point I feel as if I’m an alien.

Why the desire to scare myself silly? I honestly have no answer. Maybe it’s because I want to experience what my friends do as they huddle in a darkened theater, clutching either the seat’s arm or their best friend/boy friend/husband’s arm until their knuckles are white with the stress. Perhaps, I want to feel that rush of adrenaline through my body as I jump in my seat.

I adore horror movies, Halloween is my favorite holiday, every year I go to at least one haunted house with my best friend and her son, yet still the fear eludes me. I roll my eyes, laugh, and often sigh incredibly loud. I’m sure the poor folks in the haunted houses despise me. No matter what they try I don’t scream, jump, and/or run. At the best they get a chuckle or a snide comment such as “Boy aren’t you ugly and scary”.

I don’t even have any phobias. A friend of mine tries at every turn to freak me out about clowns. It seems there are numerous people with that particular phobia (Thank you, Stephen King!). Actually, her attempts to scare me have become an on-going joke between our friends. I wish I had a phobia. It would make me feel less an alien and more a part of the world around me.

So, what do you think? Should I change my name to “Abbey Normal”?

Bonus points for anyone who gets the joke. 😉