Striving for Balance–Dark & Light– An Interview


First, I would like to thank Anjelin for doing this interview. I recently caught her reply to a discussion in a Pagan group speaking about Dark Paganism. I have met people who used this term before, and have used it myself, so the confusion caused by her confession was of no surprise to me. The word Dark seems to throw many for a loop, which is why I asked Anjelin to do an interview with us. Maybe at the end of it, we can sweep away some of the fearful and very misunderstood stereotypes stapled to her belief.

Now Anjelin was once a member of the Church of Satan but she has started a new path, an extension from, called The Order of Shadows.

C.H. Scarlett: What exactly is the Order of Shadows?

Anjelin : In Albany NY there is a church called the Correllian Nativist Church, run by HP Davron. He believes in balance of both the light and dark and had formed Order of Shadows, as a darker path and organization. He let it sit for awhile, not getting it going until recently. Lillee and John Allee are in charge of this organization and have asked some of us that they know to be on the counsel in getting it up and running. The Order of Shadows is for dark pagans and Satanists, but open to anyone who wants to learn. We just finished our seekers class which was on learning to have balance in our lives and that both the right hand path and left hand path are needed to find balance. This is also learning about our shadow selves, sometimes maybe not liking all we find out about ourselves, but learning to embrace and maybe change what we don’t like. It’s looking deep into ourselves. The book used in the seekers class, was Right and Left of Center by John and Lillee Allee. It’s about finding balance in our lives, both magical and mundane. It’s how we sometimes veer farther one-way at some times and veer the opposite direction at others. While trying to maintain at the middle pillar.

C.H. Scarlett: Yeah I believe in balance to. However, we all perceive or define Dark differently. Most people, even Pagans consider the dark to mean Evil. I never quite got that, since I am eclectic, however, to each their own. We also have many Light Workers, Love and Lighters, New Agers and so forth that connect the word Dark with Evil. When you tell someone you are a Dark Pagan, just what are the reactions? When you mention Satanism, I am sure that gets quite a reaction as well.

Anjelin: Mentioning Dark Pagan and Satanist has always brought scared looks from Pagans. Over time in my area, I have been able to teach those who are RHP (Right Hand Path), what it really means. I think it means something a bit different to everyone. When we talk about shadow, I consider it moving back and forth between right and left. Another meaning it has (which could be why those who are light workers fear this) is that it is parts of ourselves that are hidden. Things about ourselves we haven’t faced and may not even like. As someone who is darker, I am able to embrace all aspects of myself and accept them. Also, practicing a darker path is admitting that there are things that we may sometimes have to do that isn’t all love. And that’s ok. There will be a need to protect yourself or those that you love at some point. I had someone (still do at times) that sends servitors to my house to watch me and used to do magic to stop me from having relationships. Someone told me to visualize him in a pink bubble and blow him away. Now in all reality, would that work on someone who is not only magically powerful, but also evil and mean as well? Things much stronger were needed. For me dark is practicing magic however, it is needed and using my conscience to determine what is right to do at the time. Every situation is different. It is also embracing and accepting all aspects of who I am.

C.H. Scarlett: It’s very interesting that you speak about the Shadow and that it is the part of us, which is hidden. In Greece, there were two different views concerning Daimon and Daemon. A Daimon was perceived to be a messenger of the Gods (the definition varies of course) but Daemon, according to some Greek Scholars, was the Shadow of ourselves. It was the part of ourselves that we denied, or ignored, or kept hidden, and sometimes it was believed to be the darker part of ourselves, often the part that we suppress. So in all actuality you really aren’t touching base on anything new, just something forgotten and tossed aside throughout time. You, seem to be doing what all other Pagans strive to do, touch base with your roots as ancient and far back as you can get them. Does that seem accurate?

Anjelin: Its very accurate. In order to find balance in our lives, we have to embrace all aspects of ourselves and that includes some of the things we may not like. But, I have also found that there are parts of me that were in the shadow that are actually not a bad thing once they are understood.

I think one thing that needs to be said, is that we all strive for balance and the only thing that holds us back is fear. Whether someone is Right Hand Path or Left Hand Path we know what needs to be done and what should not be done. What I mean by this is that RHP-ers follow the rede or something similar (Christians are also considered RHP and they have the golden rule, etc…) and LHP-ers (Left Hand Path) do not. In the end no matter what our path is, we know right from wrong. As a LHP-er, my conscience will tell me whether I should do something or not. As an example: If I am planning a spell and have doubts or feel it’s not really something I should be doing, I will know that I shouldn’t. I know without anyone telling me, it’s the wrong thing to be doing. I don’t need a rede or any written word to tell me so.  You will feel it and know it. None of us should be afraid to do what is best for us or our loved one, RHP or LHP.


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