Hot Topics: Jesus was a Witch!


Another hot topic brewing between Pagans and non- Pagans are our lovely Christian Witches. This seems to either piss off or appall many –for that, I am slightly confused. But then again, I can see where both sides are coming from. So, let’s take a look at that now.


Some Pagans have found a comfortable balance between Christianity and Paganism. They have taken what seems and feels right of one faith and blended it with another. Those that I have spoken to, seem to hold onto Jesus, and his teachings, but disregard God particularly the one in the Old Testament. Basically, these people hold onto the love of Christianity while merging it with a Nature path, one that includes the Goddess and a more kinder God.


Those who are against–

Well the majority of Christians really get ticked off about this and to be honest, most Pagans are rather floored as well. When one becomes a Pagan, they usually see the nonsense in Christianity for various reasons…and I think its common sense as to why Christians are annoyed.


But should they be?


How many times have we heard that the bible, the entire backbone of Christianity, was simply ripped off from ancient Pagan religions? How many times have we read, studied, and found that truth out for ourselves?

How many ancient orders actually had their own version of Paganism and Christianity—creating a perfect blend—long before Constantine sold the soul of Rome? Of course in some of those societies, Mary Mag was a Priestess, Jesus a Priest, and or sometimes they both represented the Goddess and God. Either way, mixing Paganism and Christianity is not so far fetched.


And to those who do, Jesus is, well, a witch. It makes perfect sense in the minds of those who believe it. And when broken down and explored, is really no more far fetched than Christians believing he is the Son of a God, and a mortal woman, conceived without the act of sex itself—see, magic, sorcery, and probably a little of the Nephilim or Grigori going on there, I think.  lol


We have to remember that the beauty of Paganism is that we can create our own path and center ourselves around the things that bring us joy and peace. And while some things may seem shocking at first, if we do what Pagans do…explore and enlighten ourselves on further knowledge, educate ourselves, then that which has shocked us, is not so shocking after all.


And we need to remember that as Pagans, we are thought to be as shocking as well….so we really don’t need to bring that to our own circle…two wrongs never really making a right. I mean if we can’t practice religious tolerance then aren’t we no better than the dominant religions we strayed from…sought to avoid…found absolutely no reasoning with? Something to think about.

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