Why ebooks rule.


The ebook industry has come a long way, and I have to admit, I am only a new player. For quite some time I have been buying ebooks and reading them on either my computer or my PDA, which is equipped with fantastic ebook qualities.

Technology is a wonderful thing, and in the case of ebooks, I think it has been a revolution. In a purely physical sense, the rise of the ebook has brought about a great opportunity to reduce the extent the writing industry has on the environment. I don’t believe that the ebook will totally replace the physical paper-back book, but it is a great start. Financially, the ebook industry has allowed excellent quality literature to be purchased at a fraction of the price of a shop bought paper-back book. Some argue that the prices of some ebooks may be too low and the fact that you can download multiple copies is still a contentious issue.

Socially, the rise of the ebook has allowed some interesting aspects, such as the broader market of writing genres to be read by a wider variety of people who may never have contemplated the genre before. Ebook publishers seem to embrace differing genres, such as GBLT, erotica, pagan, ect, while the paperback publishers sticks to narrower traditional genres. Hopefully, with more people reading a wider variety of genres, perhaps more understanding of certain social issues can be understood and open the doors to communication.

Another reason why ebooks rule, is because it allows a lot more people a different avenue to write their story and have it accessed by such an expansive audience. That is not to say that writing ebooks is easier than writing paperback, it’s not. Ebooks still need to be written well and in guidance to good literary practice and rules. What I mean to say is that it can give writers a foot in the door that was not previously available and it is a great way to build up a faithful readership.

The last reason why ebooks rule, is because it also gave way to a telecomunication community of readers and authors to express ideas, cultivate friendships and careers and allows for a myriad of cultures and personalities to meld and hopefully make the world that little bit easier for everyone.

Thanks for reading my ideas on why ebooks rule. I currently have two ebooks out, one is a romantic fantasy about fallen angels called “The Fallen Fae” and can be found Freya’s Bower : http://www.freyasbower.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=4&products_id=169

And a contemporary romantic suspense which can be found at Pink Petal Books as of September 3rd: http://www.pinkpetalbooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=6&products_id=36&zenid=cd6a0495be81a5c4d67887a9d3a1acd5

Thanks for reading.

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