Postponing Eternity Book Review

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Postponing Eternity (Si’ Ludo Prophesy Book 1) & Prelude To Eternity (Si’ Ludo Prophesy Book 2)

By C.R. Moss

Published by Devine Destinies

An imprint of eXtasy Books

Genre: Contemporary, paranormal, reincarnation, romance

Rating: 4.5 Cards

Blurb: Postponing Eternity

Calissa Parker doesn’t believe in soul mates or true love, especially after watching her parents’ marriage fall apart and experiencing for several years strange dreams of lovers who are constantly separated by circumstances beyond their control. All she wants to do is escape—from the town she lives in and from the visions of several different lifetimes that plague her night and day. Even when she meets JT and her dreams become reality, she remains stubborn, unwilling to see her destiny before her and accept the truth that’s been buried for so long.

JT Sterling was born with certain powers, but people are adamant about keeping the knowledge of his abilities and who he truly is from him.  These people also do not want to see Calissa and JT form any kind of bond. JT knew from the moment he met Calissa and couldn’t read her mind she was meant for him. He realizes she’s the only one able to protect him and free him from his family’s strict confines.  Convincing her of the same is a constant uphill struggle he’s determined to win if only she’d stay around long enough for his efforts to work.

Can they help break through each other’s obstacles and their own stubborn pride and learn what they need to know to save their lives before it’s too late?

Blurb: Prelude To Eternity

Determined to protect her family and JT, Calissa submits to the next step in her training –Hyzendro.  The water meditation propels her into reliving past lives – the trip, accused of being a witch, ancient war, and a life on an alien planet.  Lives she has only dreamt about until now.  Puzzle pieces about herself, the abiding love between her and JT, and the upcoming danger that people will face come together and offer her keys on how to proceed into the future.  She just hopes she hasn’t learned the lesson too late.

The Review:

I like the fact that there are some authors that are so consistent that when I see their name, I immediately begin to get a little adrenalin buzz going in anticipation of reading their latest book. C.R. Moss is one of those authors.

In the Book 1 we meet Calissa, who is an eighteen-year-old with a single mother and a thirteen-year-old sister. Calissa has dreams she doesn’t understand, so her mother sends her to see a shrink. When Calissa meets the son of her mother’s friends, she is startled to see he looks just like the sweet, romantic man of her dreams, and shocked when she finds out he has the ability to read the thoughts of others. Well, everyone but Calissa, that is.

This book is so well written and didn’t end at all like I thought it would! Thankfully, I already had book two on hand, so I snatched it up and began reading. The story picks up with Calissa, who has gotten older, more mature, and that is clearly depicted in her decisions and attitude. The only thing is, it seems no matter what decisions she makes, or how right they seem, she and JT just don’t seem to get together for their happily ever after. I was getting as frustrated as Calissa and JT!

And isn’t that what a good storyteller does? Draws the audience in so they feel what the characters feel and long for what they long for? C.R. Moss does this better than almost any other author I know and I can’t wait to read book three!

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