Some Poetry from Bound by Blood: The Awakening

At the beginning of every chapter in Bound by Blood: The Awakening, I wrote small short poems giving hint as to what is in the chapter itself. I thought it was kind of neat and a sort of extra for readers. Here are some of my favorites….

The Lycãons

I am he who roams the night.
Of fur and teeth, magic and might,
Against the moon I shift and change.
Part my soul remains untamed.

By two or four I move about.
Silent and deadly, smooth and stout.
My blood, it quickens and begins to change.
Since genesis it has been this way.
Remember this for when I stand,
I may be wolf, god, or man.


Moth to a Flame

Come dance with me, mischievous one,
Cried the flame of the mystic.
Come and enchant me, magical one.
So cried the pyre of the mystic.

Dancing there within swirls of light,
Secrets I give to thee, blessed one.
I offer to thee under the folds of night
Revelations the Gods have spun,

Shadows cast forth and divination.
Frolic through doors of mystical temptation.
Drawn is she by fire untamed.
Curious is she, Moth to Flame.


Those Eyes

Mists disperse as visions renew.
Time’s a tale beckoning you.
Comes the hand and mournful cry,
Of silver reflecting the haunting of eyes.

She lost her tune to the music of dream.
When comes the dawn we forget these things.
And how our spirits attempt to fly,
Amidst the blend of redolent eyes.



Visions Be Still, Sister

Hush now,
Here comes the dawn of night.
Yes, I know the voices are calling.
But these visions you must fight.
Hush now,
Quiet embers and falling snow.
Give your mind to me.
I am all that you need to know.
Hush now,
As the things you see may fester,
Rotting you gently away into a prophecy of sleep.
Hush Now.
Be still your vision, sister.
While my spirit cradles you against the deep.
Hush Now.




Web of the Widows

Spin, black one,
Delicate and pitch.
Catch me a prey,
Grant you a wish.
Deep in thy poison–
So strikes the witch.
Dissolved comes the trap,
And fate’s horrid whip.

Stalks the one who moves graceful and slow.
Beware the web of the cunning widow.



Chymeŕah’s Kiss

It is the essence of the kiss which draws you in.
Come play in my web, said the widow to her prey.
Like sweet drips of honey and sumptuous sin,
Warm welcoming eyes that beg you to stay.

Come to me, lover,
And taste of my wrath.
These lips of poison,

Will steal your very breath.

And the prey will perish upon their last wish.
The mistress smiles and wipes her lips.

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