What is an Eclectic Pagan?

I have used this term for years because I am very uncomfortable with labels. For some reason I have a phobia concerning them. I feel like a tight noose is constricting around my neck lol. However, these words give me a  chance to explain, in short, what my beliefs are if asked without going into detail. Some people end the conversation there, while others may extend the conversation further.

Why am I uncomfortable with labels?

I have never found one that I can stick to. And I am a firm believer that if you are going to claim to be something, you need to be loyal to that.

I can find sense in each and every label out there, but I don’t feel comfortable following, believing, or practicing any certain one with strictness.

So that is where the ‘eclectic’ comes in.  And there are many people who are eclectic even though they do lean towards one path or faith.

For instance, I know eclectic Green Witches, eclectic witches, eclectic wiccans, eclectic Druids, eclectic Satanists, and so on. I even know an eclectic Atheist or two and Christian.

I choose Pagan because it covers the entire umbrella of Paganism and in my mind, neo-paganism as well.

Pagan to me means that I find my balance in nature and the elements. I have a strong belief in energy, and am very drawn to earth, wind, fire, water, and spirit. When I think of our creators, I think of a God and Goddess if I am not thinking of them as forces of nature and energy.

I have a deep love and interest for all religions, faiths, paths, ancient and otherwise. I just can’t hang my hat at the door of any certain one. When I read something like the Ancient Greeks, my mind automatically connects the stories, deities, and metaphysics to a previous culture. I will study and research every piece of material I can find concerning a subject for as long as I can get my hands on it. I will go into time frames of obsession. For a long period, I will dive head deep into Egyptology, or Ancient Rome—all the while working out what I see as a riddle linking each and every one.

I am not offended when someone claims they believe in Jesus nor do I become angry about it. In fact, when I think of Jesus, I immediately think of Osiris or possible some Sumerian lore. I do avoid people who enforce their beliefs with dominance or superiority. If they want to get their point across then they have to approach me and mine with respect and I’ll return the favor. I have no desire to convert others and I rarely share or define the personal aspects of what it is I believe in.


Because I am at peace with that and myself. I believe if it is right for someone else, then they will find their way there on their own. Everyone in my mind has that right.

I think that everyone who goes by a certain label or even leans towards one should know the history of their faith and others. I frown when someone believes in something simply because its a majority rule. I have Christian, Druid, Satanist and other friends who I respect greatly because they know WHY they go that path. They know the not-so-good of their labels and the really awesome. They have some knowledge concerning other beliefs as well and know clearly as to why they don’t believe in it. That to me makes a person very wise and secure with their own minds and self. I think knowledge is key and everyone has the freedom and ability to seek knowledge out. So before condemning something or boasting about it, we should all practice strong minds in knowing why or why not.

I think if someone says, “That person is going to hell and is a devil worshipper.” (expressing this in a negative light) Then they should know why—understand that faith more instead of going by stereotypes or what the neighbor says.

Do I believe in Evil?

The only evil that I have experienced is in people. Now maybe that’s not the definition at all but its where I can slump rapists, pedophiles and serial killers. Evil to me is an act against the self or another. I can honestly say no more because I have not walked in their shoes nor would I want to.

What is the dark?

I believe the word dark defines perfect balance.

Do I worship false gods and so forth?

I believe in me and mine. If I have a problem, I am responsible for that. No one has the power to save me but myself. I do believe in guidance, something or someone standing by in case we need the blindness wiped from our eyes. I have lit a candle for strength, prayed to a source for clarity, but in the end, all the answers are inside of me. When I need to feel personal with greater energies, I have imagined that energy to be a Goddess—the Goddess mother of us all. It makes sense to me that I have a mother—with or without form—and we all need to feel like we connect with something greater than ourselves at times.

The power within

I believe we all have the power to manipulate energies, change our stars, direct our own destinies, and so forth. Our lives, our power over them. It’s easy to hope that someone or something will save us but I have found, in my own personal life, that I get quicker results and a feeling of completion if I get off my butt and save myself.

Anyway, I am an eclectic Pagan—and that’s a little about me lol.

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Movie Review: Momma Mia!

Trailers and summaries can be found HERE.

Well, I must say.. It was a lot more than what I expected! The beautiful scenery, the cast and the songs. A good mix of tears, laughter and love that will make you feel like you’re a part of the gang and enjoy every bit of this movie. Not one of the cast members let me down. It really is a feel-good movie and it made me want to stand up and sing a long. The ABBA songs are made for dancing and in this movie it reassured me. The singing and the dancing put smiles on people’s faces, and it makes you feel happy and as if all worries are gone. I certainly smiled during the entire movie. The cast members were all wonderful singers and especially the two lead actresses Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried impressed me. A well-made movie that is worth watching more than once!—taken from the link above.



I am a huge sucker for ABBA. There I said it.

I don’t know why but the music is just different and although I don’t listen to it everyday, and haven’t for sometime, when I watched the movie, why I liked it all came rushing back.


The movie is a good watch or so I thought. I caught it on TV one late night and will admit to turning it on only because there was nothing else that interested me. I didn’t regret it….I did regret not watching it sooner.


If you like movies like Greece and so forth—then you may like this one (updated of course). What I liked the best is, its not all singing. There’s a perfect balance I think of talking and then songs. The songs seem to fit what is going on as well and the characters that use them.


Basically, a mother has a hidden past. Instead of crying over her past, she bucks up and survives it. However, that past happens to have something to do with her daughter and how she became pregnant with her.

The daughter is about to get married and invites three men that could possibly be her dad. The drama, the fun, the emotion, and the zany chaos unfolds from there.

The mother, played by Meryl Streep had me thinking of my wilder days…and the age I am now. She made me think of what it would be like if I looked up some of the gals I used to run with—of course Meryl remained close with her pals.


The movie was fun…scenery was beautiful…and was a joy to watch. I will probably watch it again to lol which shocks me because I am usually a Fantasy, Horror, or Paranormal dedicated viewer and this movie is none of those.

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Movie Review: Knowing

Nicolas Cage has a new movie out on DVD. Actually, it came out a few weeks ago but I am just getting around to watching it.

A plot synthesis and trailers can be found here.

In short:

The film opens in Lexington, Massachusetts in 1959, where a competition is held among the students of a new elementary school to celebrate its opening. The winning plan, from student Lucinda Embry, a seemingly mental disorder/mentally disturbed girl, is to bury a time capsule containing the students’ drawings of the future to be opened 50 years later in 2009. She is prevented from finishing her image, which is actually a series of seemingly random numbers, and goes missing during the ceremony. Her teacher later finds her in a gym closet, frantically scratching the remaining numbers into the door.
Fifty years later, the time capsule is opened and the pictures are handed down to the new generation of students. Caleb, the son of MIT professor and astrophysics|astrophysicist John Koestler, receives Lucinda’s envelope. Initially dismissing them as random numbers, John notices a single random number sequence, 911012996, which contains the date of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks|World Trade Center attacks as well as the death toll of the attack. Further research leads John to realize the numbers are a list contain the dates and death tolls of every major disaster, natural and man made, that has happened over the past 50 years, with three that have not occurred yet.

(from the link above)


My review:

I found the movie entertaining, however, I think it would be easier if a person had a little knowledge concerning biblical prophecies, and theories concerning other worlds, occult and so forth to really get this. I say this because I have some knowledge here and or there but the people I watched it with did not. So throughout the movie as things began to unfold, they were kind of stumped.

You begin to think that it is some strange psychic phenomena that ties into Revelations and so forth. However, the strangers that appear throughout the film have you thinking angels…but then no…possibly some other weird and unexplained phenomena and by the time you begin to wonder that, insert the confusion and shocker.

The ending gives a different outlook on all of this, BUT that’s where it may throw the viewer and possibly make some people angry or frustrated. Because it leads us into thinking of revelations, etc, the ending comes or may come as a shock to some. That is, unless you have some previous knowledge of other theories or beliefs which exist concerning these things and situations.

I thought the movie was good, special effects and so forth, but I think the way the writer’s harp on religion, God, and so on might have killed the film. It’s not that I have no interest in these things but it’s mentioned so much that I think the viewer will get their mind locked on that and will then lose it on what it all turns out to be. Or so that’s what happened in the group I was watching it with.

So if your out to see this film, go in with an open mind and don’t try to figure it out based on any given source the film might mention. It seems to draw on a variety of things.

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Some Poetry from Bound by Blood: The Awakening

At the beginning of every chapter in Bound by Blood: The Awakening, I wrote small short poems giving hint as to what is in the chapter itself. I thought it was kind of neat and a sort of extra for readers. Here are some of my favorites….

The Lycãons

I am he who roams the night.
Of fur and teeth, magic and might,
Against the moon I shift and change.
Part my soul remains untamed.

By two or four I move about.
Silent and deadly, smooth and stout.
My blood, it quickens and begins to change.
Since genesis it has been this way.
Remember this for when I stand,
I may be wolf, god, or man.


Moth to a Flame

Come dance with me, mischievous one,
Cried the flame of the mystic.
Come and enchant me, magical one.
So cried the pyre of the mystic.

Dancing there within swirls of light,
Secrets I give to thee, blessed one.
I offer to thee under the folds of night
Revelations the Gods have spun,

Shadows cast forth and divination.
Frolic through doors of mystical temptation.
Drawn is she by fire untamed.
Curious is she, Moth to Flame.


Those Eyes

Mists disperse as visions renew.
Time’s a tale beckoning you.
Comes the hand and mournful cry,
Of silver reflecting the haunting of eyes.

She lost her tune to the music of dream.
When comes the dawn we forget these things.
And how our spirits attempt to fly,
Amidst the blend of redolent eyes.



Visions Be Still, Sister

Hush now,
Here comes the dawn of night.
Yes, I know the voices are calling.
But these visions you must fight.
Hush now,
Quiet embers and falling snow.
Give your mind to me.
I am all that you need to know.
Hush now,
As the things you see may fester,
Rotting you gently away into a prophecy of sleep.
Hush Now.
Be still your vision, sister.
While my spirit cradles you against the deep.
Hush Now.




Web of the Widows

Spin, black one,
Delicate and pitch.
Catch me a prey,
Grant you a wish.
Deep in thy poison–
So strikes the witch.
Dissolved comes the trap,
And fate’s horrid whip.

Stalks the one who moves graceful and slow.
Beware the web of the cunning widow.



Chymeŕah’s Kiss

It is the essence of the kiss which draws you in.
Come play in my web, said the widow to her prey.
Like sweet drips of honey and sumptuous sin,
Warm welcoming eyes that beg you to stay.

Come to me, lover,
And taste of my wrath.
These lips of poison,

Will steal your very breath.

And the prey will perish upon their last wish.
The mistress smiles and wipes her lips.

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