Pagan Calendar– Holidays & Desktop Wallpaper July 2009

Below are all the days I could find for July. The Calendar is an eclectic one. It features Roman Holidays, Celtic, Welsh, Norse, Egyptian, Greek, etc. Now there is also a Pagan Calendar to use as a Desktop Wallpaper.

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Note: On the Calendars for Desktop, I can only fit but so much information. So, I added 1 holiday per day plus moons. For more information concerning the days, make a copy of the information below. Let me know if you like them and I’ll keep making them.  If you recognize these calendars from a year back, they are the same ones made by Beloved Isis, a screen name I used for years.

Happy Pagan Holidays!
C.H. Scarlett

Pagan Calendar July/2009 Holidays


*Kalends of July
*Nostradamus fulfills his last prophecy on this day by dying exactly when he predicted.


*Rome-feast of expectant mothers


*Dog Days-ruled by Sirius–Dog star
*Egypt honors Goddess Sophet–Goddess of the Dog Star
*Greek festival for Goddess Athena
*Welsh- Today is sacred to Cerridwen


*Roman festival for the Goddess Concordia
*The Day (in Rome) despite the Festival is dedicated to the Roman Goddess Pax and the Greek Goddess of peace, Eirene


*Today the Earth’s orbit is farthest from the sun.
*1st of 2 festivals in Rome–Poplifugium
*Egypt- This day is sacred to Ma’at


*Rome: Today is the Remembrance of Julian–Roman Emperor –Flavius Claudius Julianus 331-363
He actually restored Rome to its Pagan roots and traditions after Constantine I and his supporters handed it over to Christianity. Julian rebelled, having his own legion which made him Emperor..when Constantine I died shortly after, Julian took his place. He died in Battle sometime later, without wearing armor. He was that sure in his skills and himself.


*Roman festival of Consus–God of Earth.
*Also–Roman festival of Handmaids
*Also honoring Goddess Juno–the 2nd feast of Roman Poplifugium
*Nones of July
*Celtic Tree month of Duir Ends


*Norse- Observance of Sunna
*Celtic tree Month of Tinne Begins


* Greater Panathenaea- Greek Festival in honar of Anthena
* Rome–Vestalia: Honor of Vesta


*Lady Godiva rode naked on this day in protest of her husband’s steep taxes
*Norse celebration of Skadi or Skadhi
*Month of Rosea Ends


*Honor of Theano: She was married to Pythagoras and was one of few women who contributed to mathematics.
*Goddess month of Kerea Begins


*Egyptian Holiday for Sokar
*Egyptian Festival of Ptah


*Magician, Astronomer, Alchemist, & Hermetic Philosopher John Dee was born on this day in 1527
*Birthday of Egypt’s Ra
*At Sundown–marks the feast of Cerridwen–Welsh


* Birthday of Osiris –Egypt
*Runic ½ month of Ur Commences


*This day is sacred to the Norse Rowana
*Greece–Scirophoria–Festival in honor of Athena
*Ides of July


*Egypt–Birthday of Set, Seth


*Egypt–Birthday of Isis


*Egypt–Birthday of Nepthys


*Midpoint ½ year of Adonis‘ presence in world marked by wedding to Aphrodite
*Egyptian New YEAR
*Egyptian wedding anniversary of Isis and Osiris


*Feast of Thoth–Egypt


*Remembrance of seeress Damo–daughter of Pythagoras
*Egyptian Birthday of Aten


*Rosicrucian–On this day a document was published verifying and proving the existence of the Rosicrucian. Before this, it was only speculated.


*Rome-festival of Neptunalia & Salacia


*Festival of Hathor


*This day is sacred to the Roman Goddess Furrna


*Norse festival of Sleipnir

*Honoring Queen Hatshepsut


*3 day festival of Chrom Dubh


*Norse –Thor is honored by a festival
*Runic ½ month of Thor begins


*Final day of Chrom Dubh


*Norse Observance Loki & Sigyn
*Celtic observance for Oodche Lugnasa
*Lammas Eve

C.H. Scarlett

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***Art used under Free Use Act. No copyright infringement intended. All artists (that I could find) are embedded on their piece of work I used. If you like the art then please go buy it from the sources. These Calendars are FREE. You may share them and you may add your own information to them if you have the software but please, when sharing, share the original. You can also share the information concerning the days but please be kind and link back to this blog as the original source.***

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