Moon Magic

Blue Moon

The moon is magic. From the very earliest pagan beliefs and rituals the moon has always played a dominant role. For the most part it is considered auspicious, feminine, part of the goddess, though as the moon waxes and wanes both male and females are affected by it’s pull. From the earliest civilizations people have looked to the moon both spiritually and scientifically.

The moon affects us daily and in ways that most people don’t contemplate these days, but to those living with earthly pagan beliefs it is easy to see where the magic of the moon originates. The moon affects the tides, thus the fishing and sailing arrivals and departures of times gone by. Monthly it affects crops, it’s a well known fact that if you plant crops by certain phases of the moon the plants flourish even more than usual.

As people, the moon surely pulls at us in the same way it pulls at the tides and the earth. Humans after all are made up of 65% water, it must have some affect. Monthly we may find our emotions being swayed by the moons phases. One reason the moon is considered as a feminen deity is because of the cycles women face that may co-incide with the moons cycle.

The moon certainly has a huge influence on our lives, even now in the modern era when we don’t seem as in tune with the cycles of nature as our forebears were. In the time-line of humanity and therefore spirituality, the moon has been shown to have an affect on human emotions. The very word, lunatic was founded from the Latin “luna” meaning moon, as it was believed people were “lunatics” at the phase of the full moon.

All this got me thinking, what happens in the places where the moons phases are thrown out of whack? For example, the northern and southern poles where there can be months of daylight or mostly darkness. Surely this must have an affect on the people who reside in such extremes.

Lycanthropes are legendary shapeshifters who are said to be in tune with the phases of the moon. An example is were-wolves changing at the full moon. In my new up and coming  novel “Dark Moon” I have explored this theory with lycanthropes living in Alaska where they have one full 24 hours when the moon reigns supreme and it is a massive feast for all the lycanthropes. Of course there are good guys who hunt the shape-shifters and try to stop them from devouring the humans.

But the moon is a spectacular place to find inspiration for not only writing and reading, but also for spirituality and even a little bit of peace. Tonight, go out and gaze at the moon, no matter what phase it happens to be in. Moon magic has been around for eons and is there, available for all of us to soak up in abundance.

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A Little About Me

Since this is my first time blogging on this site, I thought I’d just talk a little bit about who I am. My name is Reese Johnson, my friends call me RJ. I have two published novellas: Sex & Chocolate, which is the story of two male lawyers who fall in love. One is black, the other is white, and the black man’s ex lover comes back into the picture.

Soul Searchers is about a group of werewolves I refer to as the Rainbow Werewolves because they accept everyone, gay, straight, bi, whatever. Another werewolf clan across the valley isn’t too happy with gay werewolves and is bound to destroy them.

I have just contracted a third novella called A Purrrfect Mating, the story of two shapeshifters, the male a black panther and the female a cougar. This was just a fun little romp with no message other than have fun getting laid!

If you’ve been to my website, you know I spent many years in prison, which gave me a lot of fodder for fiction! I don’t really take writing too seriously, it’s something I kind of fell into and it occupies my time.

I live with my brother and his family, who are the only family I have left after all the years in prison, so I am thankful every day that I have them.

I spend my time gardening, reading, watching sports, wrestling with the dogs and helping out around the house. I know, it’s a tough life, but I just put my shoulder to the grindstone and get through each day the best I can! *g*

I don’t participate a lot in the group conversations, but I do read the posts and pay attention to what everyone is saying.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, just drop me a line at

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