First illustration from “GemInI Souls” by Myristica!

Sevrin from "GemInI Souls" by Myristica (artwork by Sarah Cloutier)Just a bit of fun…my artist got back to me today and sent me the first in a 2 image series for my upcoming release – GemInI Souls.  This hot guy is Sevrin.  Soon to come, his partner in both love and magick…Razeal (Who is also in Crimson Dawn!)

Why Jimmy Page is my muse.

Hi, all! Some may be wondering why Jimmy Page is so important to me. I am heartbroken that he cannot break out of his past and move on to other frames of musical creation. The man’s genius would be forever captured if he would just let it come out and play. But, his work in the past and his formation of Zeppelin is what I dive into when I need to focus on my own dreams. I have heard that the album “Led Zeppelin 1” was recorded in 36 hours and that Jimmy paid for the sessions out of his own pocket. Being that he was a session musician before getting into the Yardbirds, it is said he pocketed that money because he had a vision. And when the Yardbirds broke up, he took that as the green light and formed Zeppelin. Ok, if ever there was a living embodiment of the Law of Attraction it would be Mister Page. He kept his focus on his vision, pushed for it, made it real and lived, breathed, ate, slept, dreamed his music. He never let anyone tell him he couldn’t do it. He never let anyone get in his way from making it happen. He pushed forward, had collected his data on what he wanted, and became one with his dream. He knew about the law of “‘Do what thou wilt’ being the whole of the law. Love is the law, love under will.” Crowley wrote that. Many misquote Crowley, only quoting the first part of that decree: ‘Do what thou wilt’. Thinking it gives them license to go out and do whatever they want, but there’s a deeper meaning to this decree in its entirety. Jimmy found his niche in life. He grabbed onto his love of the guitar with all of his will and put that love under that will, his true purpose, and did what was necessary to make the will, that dream, a reality. He pursued his life’s purpose…his ‘true’ will. When you know what you love to do and cannot live your life without doing that, when you know where you want to go, envision it…this is putting your ‘true’ will under the power of love. I have been writing for 34 years, going on 35. I’ve learned much in the last seven years, moving forward, working on my stories, making them go where I need them to go. Jimmy is my constant focus in pursuing my dreams. His pursuing his ‘will’ is my constant example. Jimmy’s music is much more than rock and roll to me. It is full of the meaning to release your spirit and touch the Universe and find the soul inside you. When I listen to him play live, I remember what he said about there being notes in the ether, just waiting to be brought down through his fingers. (Paraphrased, but that’s the gist.) I call his playing live, ‘Ether grabbing’. I understand the concept, and seek to utilize that in my writing. One of my favorite movies is “Wonder Boys” with Michael Douglas and Robert Downey Jr. If you’re a writer, I encourage you to get this movie. It has some significant moments in there that can encourage you. Don’t give up on your dreams. If you know what you want…reach out to the Ether and grab on, hold tight and ride it to the last breath inside of you. Hold fast, though, because the spirit moves and you have to learn how to move with it, normally it just takes ‘going with the flow’. Jimmy did that in his live performances. Nothing structured. He played, and Robert’s words do this justice, “A little left of heaven.” This is what Jimmy Page means to me. I hope it will encourage you in some way, shape or form. Hang in there and never let go. Hugs, Myristica

Supernatural – Wincest – why I read it.

Incest between brothers.  The show “Supernatural” is loaded with fan fiction called ‘Wincest’; named for the surname of the brothers: ‘Winchester’.  Some have problems with this form of Slash, others, obviously do not.  I don’t know, but the possibility of brothers being together in every way possible is not squeamish to me.  As long as they are of consenting age, or at least know what it’s all about.  (Parent/child incest is a dead ‘wrong’ in my book, but the idea of brothers having this kind of relationship…I guess it would all depend on the extenuating circumstances…of which the brothers Winchester are loaded.)  Let’s look at who they are and what they’re up against.  First off, all they have ever had is each other, even when Big Dad John was off on a job, he left older brother Dean and younger brother Sam together…alone.  Sometimes others would be there, like Uncle Bobby, but not all the time.  All they ever had…was each other.  All they still have…are each other.  The life they lead would make a normal ‘straight’ life out of the question.  Theirs is the only relationship that they’ve ever really known.  Sam had Jesse, but when she ended up in smoke, all he had left was Dean, with their dad gone missing.  It just makes me feel for these boys.  The loneliness they must feel outside of the one night stands.  The dangers they face.  It makes for an interesting ‘reach out and touch someone’ mentality and that someone better be someone they both can trust.  Enter brother love, taken one step further.  Nope, under those circumstances not squeamish at all.  In fact, it opened my mind to the possibility of going there with original fiction.  If, given the fact they really can’t have anyone outside of each other, what other course is there?  Both have been willing to go to hell for each other, to die for each other.

It just makes sense to me that such a relationship could develop.

There’s my two cents on this topic.  Any others want to add to it?

Blessed Be


The Anti-Christ…what does it really mean?

Just a thought I wanted to run by the lot of you.  Been having this in the back of my head for a few years and since this is a place to discuss not just our writing but our spiritual pathworkings, I thought I would post this theory to you…

Now, as I’ve said, I was a Calvary Chapel, born-again and raised Christian for 22 years.  Most of what they preach about is getting ready for the second return of Jesus ‘Christ’ (not ‘the’ Christ.)  So, they focus a lot on doomsday prophecies.  The one about the Anti-Christ really got me thinking after leaving their philosophy.

We all know that ‘anti’ means ‘against’ or ‘opposite’.  So, then I started thinking about the title ‘Christ’.  Now, Christians think this means ‘anti-Jesus’, but that’s not what the prophecy states.  It says, ‘Anti-Christ‘.  Christ from Christos, meaning ‘annointed’ or ‘enlightened’.  Someone who’s been blessed with a blessed connection to the Divine (my take).  Now…in Ephesians, I believe it is, Paul commands ‘Christians’ to “put on the mind of Christ”.  Not the mind of ‘Jesus’, but the mind of “Christ”…Jesus’ title…not his name.  I’m thinking this means…become enlightened.  Put on the mind of divine connection, the enlightenment.  So, the title ‘Anti-Christ’…could it actually mean…’Anti-enlightenment’?  And if so…would it not be ironic that Christians, notoriously against enlightenment…would actually turn out to be the ‘Anti-Christ’?

This is something that I’ve been pondering for some time and I would like other opinions and takes on it.   I just thought it interesting.

Blessed Be


Found it!

Ok, here’s hoping this works!  I uploaded a new picture for my gravatar and we’ll see how it goes.  Sigh.  I hate being technically challenged!

Short (or rather long) Intro.

Howdy, All!

I guess I can begin by giving a short intro.  First, It’s a beautiful Saturday morning here in So. Cal.  I’ve done my Thoth thing that I do every morning, my coffe in my Led Zeppelin mug, my kittie is sleeping soundly on my recliner after having a nice little breakfast, so he’s happy.  I’m happy.  I’m thrilled to be here.  I’m going over the other posts by the other bloggers as I’ve been at work or away from my computer when they were blogging and couldn’t participate.  Finally starting to develop a feel for this place.

As for myself (and this is very hard to do because it feels like, yes, it’s all about MEEEEEE!!)  But, in a way for this moment, it is.  Gots to make the intros if I want people to know about the stuff I write and why.  I’ll leave it to the Gods to bring others in to share about themselves with me.  I hope you do, as I don’t want to do this alone!  (Yikes!)  I’m here not only to give you guys a glimpse into my mind and soul, but also to learn of you, too!

I guess I should start with the thing I do every morning with Thoth.  I was once a Christian, Calvary Chapel born-again and raised for 22 years.  Around 1996-97 I started reading ‘fan fiction’ on the Internet.  I loved buddy stories and found out the term for what I loved to read was hurt/comfort.  So, I joined a community mailing list for Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, being that I was severely attracted to the character Iolaus played by Michael Hurst, I found a list for women like me: The Iolausian Mailing List.  I went under the name “White Raven” (My truck was white and I was involved in a homeless ministry to deliver food.  Got the name from the ravens who fed the prophet Elijah, but since my truck was white I just went by White Raven.)  About a year went by, met a lot of great friends, some Christian, some not (The gal who works on my Cafe’ Press stuff is one of them…me Christian, she Pagan…hey…we proved good sister-like friendships CAN happen in this mix.  😉  )  Anyway, another form of fan fiction came across the bow and caught my attention:  Slash.  Well, being that I was completely naive in this world at the time, I was extremely curious as to what it was all about.  I began to read.  For the next three years I read Slash on the sly, while all the while voicing out to my friends on the lists that I met in So. Cal.: “No, I don’t read that stuff, it’s a sin.”  (snort.  Silly twit that I was.)

It was the start of a dominoe effect.  A young friend of mine was killed in what I believe to be a murder in Guam.  He was killed on impact after being run off the road.  He was in the navy and only 19 years old.  His name was Kenny.  I got pissed off with God, and never ever went back to church.  I cussed God out to his face (well, metaphorically speaking, of course.)  Took my rebellion into Slash and began devouring it.  I found pictures of two guys from a western.  Saw their lips.  Saw them kissing in my mind.  Went home looked up Slash for them, and devoured it.  Found a particular one that brought in the God factor.  A woman sees one of the men with the other…he and the woman got off this plane.  She saw how they were looking at each other.  On the plane this man and the woman were talking about death and love and lost opportunities.  He had said the one he found to share his life was because God must have been worried about him. When she saw the man’s lover she went up to the man and said, “God must have been worried about him (the lover), too.”  You want to talk about the waterworks!!  That one story brought it home to me.  If God is so uncondtional in his love then he should have no trouble with two people loving each other, no matter the gender.  I began at that moment to research homosexuality and the Bible.  I found a book called “Openly Gay, Openly Christian” which utilized the Strong’s Concordance ( a must have for serious students of the  Bible).  I also opened up my Webster’s.  For six months the journey into questions was researched, questioned some more and researched some more.  I can give an entire word study on Leviticus 18:22 that will blow your minds.  It was enough for me to realize things were not all that kosher in the Christian world view.  I began to question other things when my so-called ‘sister’ in the world of Hercules (a Christian) wrote me off when I told her I no longer believed homosexuality was a sin.  My brother and his wife got into it with me and I was forbidden to see my niece and nephew without one of the parents present.  Their entire attitude was judgmental and what I call pharisee-ical and that led to more questions.  My pagan friend saw I was going through it, asked me questions that got me thinking, told me about her spiritual views and for a year I studied paganism and found that Christianity got most, if not all, of its teachings from the old religions.  I had my ex-sister-in-law come into my life at that moment, who had gone through 10 years before what I was then going through.  The questions I was asking were questions she had already asked.  Both she and my pagan friend helped me to shed the blinders and I embraced Paganism, mostly Wicca, with both Egyptian and Celtic pantheons.  I saw a statue of Thoth in an occult book store, picked up the card to find out who this intriguing character was and discovered he is the God of Writing, Magick, Learning, Wisdom, the Moon…all the things I was heading into.   I look back now and it was like Jesus was saying, “Dude, get over here.  She won’t talk to me right now, but she will talk to you.  Take care of her.”  Ever since then, Thoth has been with me.   But, I could not figure out how to honor him.  I then read a book by Ellen Cannon Reed about Egyptian deities.  She said that for Thoth, the scribes of Egypt would take the water they used to make ink with and sprinkle the water with their stylus over his altar.  Well, she had no ink to write with as she used a computer, but she said that coffee was very important to her writing, so she would face east every morning and sprinkle coffee to Thoth to ask for his blessing.  I read this back in 2005 and every morning, with the exception of some days when I’m too sick, I go out and greet  Thoth with my cup of coffee.  I face east, ask for his blessing and sprinkle the coffee on the lawn.  It’s our time.  I love Thoth as he really helped me to transition between Christianity and Paganism.  And I truly believe the Christ allowed it because he knew I needed what Thoth could give me.

I know that was long, but here’s hoping it was at least entertaining for you to read.

Blessed Be


Myristica here!

I’m not quite certain when to start this day, as I live in the PST zone, and 8:00 doesn’t get here for another 90 minutes (give or take), but I wanted to go ahead and pop in and say ‘hey’ to anyone out there who might already be here.  I have some things to share throughout the day, and I hope we get some great discussions going.  I’ll be back in a minute as I need to check my e-mails, so hang in there!  I’m here all day, if you have any questions about what I post or about my book “Crimson Dawn: Volume One – Hallowed Echoes” through Dark Roast Press, please drop them to me and I’ll answer throughout the day!  I’m looking forward to this!  Hope you are, too!