My pendants…

Okay, found batteries for the digital camera and snapped a pic of my pendants. Not extremely clear, but you get the idea. I got the cross at a tiny store in a MCC church in Austin, TX. I bought the stag pentacle a few years ago at a pagan store in Dover, DE. You can find the necklace here, too: Stag Pentacle.


Howdy, howdy

*pokes his head in and waves*

Hey, folks!

I’m new to The Pagan and the Pen, but certainly not to writing or paganism. I’ve been writing professionally since 2005 as Mychael Black, but I’ve been a pagan since I was 13, about 19 years ago. (Wow, that makes me feel old…)

The first story I ever wrote and published was ‘The Holly King’ and it appeared in the free ezine, Forbidden Fruit. I’ve come a long way since then, and my writing has matured, but that story is still close to my heart.

For me, writing is a form of worship in my Druid faith. Every word is dedicated to my gods Cernunnos and Michael (yes, the Archangel, who was, incidentally, a Chaldean god), and ‘The Holly King’ was written specifically FOR Cernunnos, shortly after I started down a Druid path.

They (Cernunnos and Michael) tend to show up in my stories, whether by name(s) or not. Many of my men end up pagan (some even as Druids).

I’ve posted ‘The Holly King’ on my website, if you’d like to read it. It’s not very work-safe, but it’s also not overly explicit. Remember: it’s an older story, and not my best in terms of technical details, but it’s still very important to me. I even had a Druid friend once tell me that he printed it out and carried it in his wallet, reading it whenever he needed a pick-me-up. I hope you all enjoy it as much as he did.

The Holly King