MS Panthera’s Summer Solstice

This weekend saw the beginning of summer. It was a beautiful day in spite of thunderstorms and flash flood warnings for two days leading up to the big event. Having gotten away from Solstice celebrations, I had asked for information concerning anything for Summer Solstice and the responses I got verified the information I was able to Google. Bonfires and witnessing the sunrise were mostly what were done.
So, a friend and myself, set ourselves up with wood (drying out from the rain), Tiki lights, Rum, Coke, chips, salsa and of course we had to throw in a few ears of corn too, for a night of easy companionship, stargazing and (not too unexpected) curious neighbors. We waited until about an hour before sundown to light the fire and between the two of us, finally got it to stay lit.
Let me tell you, it was hilarious about the fire. I used straw twists, twigs and dry limbs to get it started. Then I added larger pieces of wood (one of which was soaked in old gasoline). All the kindling burned fantastic and even the gasoline soaked log caught after about five minutes of being in the fire pit. No luck, the fire died back out (the gasoline burned off and that was it). So, being the impatient sort, my friend took a couple of logs and dribbled Tiki oil on them as she was filling the lamps, gathered up lots more kindling and got it going again. Out it went. Oh, we had a nice ember base; the logs were still too wet from the rain. Finally, she stood over the fire with her hat and fanned it like there was no tomorrow, and packed in the kindling again. SUCCESS!
Now to settle down and enjoy our night of enjoying each other’s company, right? RIGHT! Even with neighbors who normally went to bed early, staying up late too. For a long time, just as we were settling into a rhythm of talking, singing, and laughing, one of them would turn on their outside light and come out. This would set off another fit of laughter and fresh comments about how it was okay for them to go to bed as there was nothing going on for them to see. It seemed hours before they all settled in for the night. Finally, when the last one turned out their lights, we started really enjoying our time together.
We spent hours singing, her dancing, with me laughing as she danced with a Tiki light, and finally settled down into talking about our past – the disappointing relationships, the lessons we learned and the growth we made because of them, where we are now and what we would and would no longer do concerning relationships. Add in several rum and cokes plus a variety of music and we were feeling great.
Finally, she remembered the corn and set it to soaking and much later still, we remembered to put them on the fire. Yes, I said fire. It seemed no matter where we moved the ears to; the fire would follow shortly behind. We even added water to keep the flames down to no avail. The fire that took so long to start, now did not wish to simmer lol. Therefore, we ended up with ears of corn with their shucks burned to a crisp on partially cooked corn on the cob, and two very tired women.
Giving up the idea of staying up until sunrise, we moved the logs apart, unplugged the radio, gathered what we could remember, and went to bed. Sunday morning, not only did we wake up to hangovers but to the logs still smoldering, not showing any sign of stopping until it rained. LOL
The main thing is we had fun. We learned a little more about each other as we always do when we get together and we didn’t let the neighbors ruin it for us. This, more than anything else, confirmed to me how far I have come. How in just a few years time, I have gone from being a person who was so afraid of insulting or upsetting someone, to becoming a woman who could enjoy herself in spite of prying eyes.