GLBT Paganism

One of the (many) things I love about paganism and the pagan community, is its acceptance of people who aren’t straight and conentional in their relationships. I’ve met some fabulous gay, bi, transgender and polyamorous folk along the way, and they’ve really inspired me to explore my own identity. But then, Druidry is non-dogmatic, and that includes not having ‘one true way’ for how relationships are supposed to be.

Druidry is very much about connection, for me. Not having any assumptions about what shape a connection ‘should’ have opens up the ways in which we relate to each other, to the land, the ancestors, the gods and the non-human denizens of this world.

Here’s a little something from Enchanted Waters, which follows on from this line of thought.

Precarious though it was, Bracken squatted down, so that she could reach into the pool. She wetted her hand, then rose, sprinkling the water over Catherine.
“Blessings of water, healing and cleansing, washing away the past. Blessings of this place be upon you, and peace be in your heart,” she said.
“Thank you.”
For the first time, they looked at each other properly, standing almost nose to nose on the stone. Bracken saw dark eyes full of melancholy, and a tender, compassionate, wounded spirit. She wanted to reach out and console, but not knowing why this woman suffered, she held back. Some people were victims of their own mistakes, and she didn’t want to support anyone in not dealing with their problems.
“You’re a witch or a priestess of something then?” Catherine asked.
“Priestess and Druid,” Bracken replied.
“Does this sort of thing happen to you a lot?”
“A fair bit, yes. I seem to attract it.” She had a feeling there were things she needed to do here, and tried to find their shape. Words to say. Moves to make. Sometimes all it took was a small gesture or observation to set people on the right path.
Trusting her instincts, she took Catherine’s hands in hers.
“You’ll find a way through this,” she said. “Accept your own feelings, embrace them, work with them. If you understand yourself and your own needs, everything else will be a lot clearer.”
“I know. I just wish I knew where to start.”
“You’ve already started.” Bracken leaned closer, placing a chaste kiss on Catherine’s brow. The woman sighed deeply, tension seeping from her. “You’ll be fine. You’re strong, good and brave. You will find a way through.” With that, she relinquished Catherine’s hands, smiled, and turned away. The time had come to leave, as she still had a few miles to walk.

6 thoughts on “GLBT Paganism”

  1. That’s what I like about pagans to. It doesn’t matter who you are, how rich you are, how poor you are, what kind of pagan, what deity you worship or don’t, what lifestyle you live or don’t live, how eccentric you are or boring, they all just kind of open their arms to ya regardless.

    I also like the whole spirit of, come if you feel called, or don’t. They don’t pass out pamphlets, they don’t harass you on the streets, they are just kind of laid back and only tell if asked but not in the kind of convert you way. I think that’s what draws people to it. The freedom of being whatever and whoever believing and coming into your own.

    Pagans to me are something like snow flakes. Even if you have two under the same label, there are no two exactly alike. That’s refreshing.

    That is a great little ‘something’ by the way. I really enjoyed it.


  2. Hi Bryn,
    Sorry I’m a little late commenting, but this was a really great post.
    I love how you put in the extract, it was beautifully done and very vivid. Thanks for showing us how open, honest and freeing paganisim is for you.


  3. I noticed at Beltaine how GLBT heavy our local pagan church is. 2/3 of our members are, and have been rejected by Christianity for it.

    BTW: Hi, I’m Angelia. I’m here by way of Dark Roast Press and I write GLBT romance. I have a gay pagan inspirational romance coming in October.


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