Ms. Panthera’s Ramblings

Ms. Panthera’s Ramblings

With all the things going on around here, I almost forgot I was to blog today. When it hit me, I rambled around in my head for something to write. Then it hit me. Why not write about the ramblings. At least it is something.

My thoughts took me on quite a trip. Starting with the story I am writing with Bryl Tyne working title “Shadow”. Now, Shadow is a young witch born on a very special night at the exact same time as the royal family’s only child. Once a year both of the twin moons of Alpe shine full, chasing each other across the sky. A night the women of the Shanlar Coven celebrate to its fullest. This night, as forseen thirty years before, would bring change not only to their coven but to their world.

So, while I was thinking on this story and how it was to go, I was transported to my dream home. A place of peace and quiet, I would sit by the lake writing as I took it all in. It is such a lovely place to be whenever I can afford the time to visit.

This brought on thoughts of a story about a black panther a friend asked me to see if I could help expand. Such beautiful, mystical, graceful, and mysterious creatures – Black Panthers. Do they really exist? Or, as scientists say, are they just a rare coloration of any large cat that roars? Maybe, just maybe, they’re both. I for one believe if they don’t exist, they did at one time. And the experience these, my friend wrote about, encounters is so compelling, moving, emotional, I wonder if I can capture her feelings and still make the story longer.

Then I pulled myself up short and gave myself a lecture about the blog. Knowing time was running short, I had to come up with something to write about. Do I go with something to do with the name of the blog? Do I post an unedited excerpt of “Shadow”? Or do I beg off and leave the day blank? And this is the result. My mind’s ramblings.

Now, I know they say it only takes a spit second for all this to go through one’s mind. Yet, if this is true, where did my day go? LOL

Have a great day one and all.

MS Panthera

7 thoughts on “Ms. Panthera’s Ramblings”

  1. Sometimes it is fun just letting your mind out for a walk. You never know what fascinating things you might discover. Fun blog!


  2. Hi,
    I know I’m a little late, but I couldn’t help but comment on such a great post.
    I like how you ramble, it reminds me of what my brain seems to do to me on a regular basis 🙂
    I also love your descriptions of your story and the big cats, very mystical and beautiful, they gave me great imagry.


  3. Thank you Connie

    I guess this is why I write. These movies run in my mind continually making it hard to get much of anything else done. LOL

    Animals are my passion as I tend to understand them better than humans. Although, with the help of good friends, I am learning humans as well. With animals it is as if I can read their thoughts even though I know it is just me reading their body language. But it seems normal to me that I think thoughts to them and they respond.

    I relate best with the panther as it is a loner as I am. This is why my friend gave me her story to work with. I just hope I can do it justice.

    MS Panthera


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