So why did I write a book about angels?

This is a pagan blog, so why is my first book, “The Fallen Fae” about angels? The book is based on the concept of the Fae (the fairies) being the fallen angels of heavan when Lucifer lead the original rebellion against God because he would no bow down to Adam and Eve.

I always thought of the Fae as specific entity or species of mythology and the domain of paganism. So why was there a Christian explanation of the Fae? This got me thinking and to explain, we need to go back and do some defining of Paganism.

There are many differing definitions of paganism but the general consensus is that anything pre-Christian is classed as pagan. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities as there is a lot of history and a lot of “religions” that held the worlds imagination before the beginning of Christianity.

If by definition any pre-Christian is pagan, then everything including the Druids, Norse, Wiccan, Celtic, Ancient Greek, Ancient Roman, Aboriginal, Taoism, Hindi and many more both living and dead religions are pagan.

Some of the Christian rituals that have been incorporated into our society are actually pagan rites that were blended into Christianity to make the assimilation easier. There are numerous examples of this and many major Christian holidays are celebrated around the same time as many pagan events that correspond to natures calendar, such as Christmas adn the summer or winter solstice (depending on what part of the himisphere you reside). Another example from a different pagan “religion” is the Christmas tree that was originally believed to be in honour of Odin, the Norse God.

So, if Christianity has blended some elements from pagan cultures, is it possible to do the reverse and blend some Christian theories into paganism? For example, angels. But not all angels are Christian. If you use the Greek “Angelos” meaning a super natural being, then that can incorporate both Christian and pagan entities.

The Christian angels such as Archangels and angels of death have the same chores as Celtic Fairies and Norse Valkyrie. A lot of pagan religions have “super natural beings” that have the same standing as the angels, such as bringing the souls of the recently dead to “heaven”, “Valhalla” or the “Underworlds”.

So I wrote a fantasy novella on the theory of Christianity’s version of the creation of the Fae, because it was another aspect on a mythology of many pagan religions. And whichever branch of Paganism you follow take care to note the similiarities and differences between it and many other belief systems.



What it means to me to be a pagan

The definitions I found for ‘pagan’ confused me. I am not a country dweller nor do I consider myself rustic. And I don’t understand why pagan is grouped in with heathen, an irreligious or hedonistic person. I certainly don’t think of myself that way. The only definition that makes any sense to me is: a follower of a polytheistic religion, not religious.

For me, being a pagan means the freedom to worship how and when I want, whether it’s before an altar I made or outside beneath the moon. I prefer the freedom of the constraints of a religion that restricts one’s thinking and treats women as inferior. Being a pagan is being close to nature and respecting all the gifts the earth has to offer mankind from helpful herbs to the wonder of a breathtaking sunset. As a pagan I embrace a spiritual way of life over a religious one.

I prefer to keep my personal beliefs to myself, but I will say that part of my belief has to do with the laws of the universe in reference to dualities such as light and dark, good and evil, male and female, etc. I believe it is all about balance and that reflects into my personal life as well.

I would like to clear up one misconception about pagans. I do not worship the Devil. The Devil plays no part in pagan worship. The Devil is a Christian belief. I hope this helps to dispel some of the rumors of pagans being evil Devil worshippers. I feel I am no different from a person of another religion. I just choose to be free from the bonds of organized religion.

When I am outside in that quiet part of morning, breathing fresh morning air and gazing at the mountains painted shades of red by the awakening sun, I feel close to the deities. That is a spiritual connection that cannot be found inside a church. This is what it means to me to be a pagan.

I am curious as to how other pagans feel. Any thoughts?


‘Timeless tales of romance, conflict & magic’

Ms. Panthera’s Ramblings

Ms. Panthera’s Ramblings

With all the things going on around here, I almost forgot I was to blog today. When it hit me, I rambled around in my head for something to write. Then it hit me. Why not write about the ramblings. At least it is something.

My thoughts took me on quite a trip. Starting with the story I am writing with Bryl Tyne working title “Shadow”. Now, Shadow is a young witch born on a very special night at the exact same time as the royal family’s only child. Once a year both of the twin moons of Alpe shine full, chasing each other across the sky. A night the women of the Shanlar Coven celebrate to its fullest. This night, as forseen thirty years before, would bring change not only to their coven but to their world.

So, while I was thinking on this story and how it was to go, I was transported to my dream home. A place of peace and quiet, I would sit by the lake writing as I took it all in. It is such a lovely place to be whenever I can afford the time to visit.

This brought on thoughts of a story about a black panther a friend asked me to see if I could help expand. Such beautiful, mystical, graceful, and mysterious creatures – Black Panthers. Do they really exist? Or, as scientists say, are they just a rare coloration of any large cat that roars? Maybe, just maybe, they’re both. I for one believe if they don’t exist, they did at one time. And the experience these, my friend wrote about, encounters is so compelling, moving, emotional, I wonder if I can capture her feelings and still make the story longer.

Then I pulled myself up short and gave myself a lecture about the blog. Knowing time was running short, I had to come up with something to write about. Do I go with something to do with the name of the blog? Do I post an unedited excerpt of “Shadow”? Or do I beg off and leave the day blank? And this is the result. My mind’s ramblings.

Now, I know they say it only takes a spit second for all this to go through one’s mind. Yet, if this is true, where did my day go? LOL

Have a great day one and all.

MS Panthera

The Awen

For Druids, inspiration is sacred. We use the word ‘awen’ to describe it – which is simply the Welsh word for inspiration, but it has a beautiful sound to it, great for chanting, for prayers and blessings.

The symbol most used by modern druidry, is refered to as the awen symbol – three dots, with three lines radiating down, and slightly out. It represents, amongst other things, the three drops of inspiraiton from the cauldren of the goddess Ceridwen. Three drops of distilled magical power that begin the transformaton of the boy Gwion into the poet Tallyessin.

For a writer, inspiration is essential. Being a Druid writer, it’s not merely my craft and day job, writing is an expression of my spirituality, even when I’m not dealing with overtly pagan subjects. The delerious rush of insight and ideas is the best kind of magic, for me.

What would any of us be without the blessings of inspiration?

Honouring the inspiration others give me, I’d like to direct your attention to the work of Tom Brown, an extraordinary artist – you can also find him at

Whatever else today brings you, may there be inspiration!